Guide: Financial Framework

2015/16 Funding

Our officers develop proposed programmes of work for the year ahead, in accordance with policies and in support of our business aims. The proposals are taken to the elected representatives at Cabinet for their consideration and subsequent approval. The full Cabinet reports for this financial year can be found here. The following tables summarise the approved allocation of funding for 2015/16 for our service.


The original allocation for 2015/16 was £45,783,000 with £1,976,000 brought forward from 2014/15

Expenditure Type
Local Transport Plan (LTP) Maintenance42,868,000
Depot programme150,000
Digitisation of landcharges records165,000
Extreme weather resilience contingency2,000,000
Reinstatement of Grand Western Canal600,000
Total Highways Capital45,783,000


The total revenue allocation for 2015/16 is £34,538,000

Expenditure Type£
Maintenance of roads and bridges21,951,000
Street lighting5,594,000
Public Rights of Way610,000
Highways management staff and associated costs6,357,000
Total Highways Revenue34,538,000

On Street Parking Account 2015/16

Transport Coordination Support1,246,000
Park and Ride Business Rates100,000
Stover Country Park and Grand Western Canal212,000
Grass Cutting200,000
Civil Parking Restriction Signing and Lining Maintenance225,000
Route reviews and improvements to road signs and lines100,000
Exeter Residents Parking Scheme249,000
Traffic Management Plans200,000
Speed Management60,000
CPE Schemes and Maintenance Staffing Costs339,000
IT costs relating to Parking and Traffic Management programmes20,000
Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR)10,000
Real Time Passenger Information78,000
Variable message signs – maintenance of10,000
Special events, coning and signing20,000
Disabled Bays55,000