Factsheet: Residents' parking permits


Residents’ parking schemes are used in areas where there is more demand than spaces. They don’t guarantee a parking space but help manage parking for people living in those areas.

Check to see if your area has a parking scheme and read our terms and conditions to ensure you can have a permit.  More flats or houses are eligible for two residents permits and two books of visitor permits per year.  Each book contains 30 one day use permits.  You cannot buy more than two books in any one year and not all zones have a visitor permit option.  We will let you know about these when you apply.

If your area has a scheme and your vehicle is registered at your address you should:

  • apply to purchase a permit as soon as possible online at www.devonpermits.org or by phoning 0345 155 1073 – if you don’t have internet access you can use your local library’s computers free of charge
  • display a valid permit at all times when parked in a residents only area – if you don’t you can receive a parking ticket

If your vehicle is not registered at the permit address please contact us at parkingservices@devon.gov.uk or on 0345 155 1004 for further advice before buying a permit.