• Waste and recycling – new site

    I’ve been working with Rhiannon and Liz from the Waste Team, to migrate waste and recycling content from the existing Livelink content management system to a new WordPress website using our default theme.

    The process

    To start, I used Google Analytics to see top page views for the existing Livelink content and, after discussions, a draft structure was provided by the Waste Team showing how they visualised the top navigation pages of the site.

    The next stage was mapping existing content, as well as streamlining and culling pages that were no longer needed. The navigation started to take shape and I chose a colour scheme for the site using browns and greens to fit in with bin colours.… Read the rest

  • The digital transformation of ‘Education and Families’

    In autumn last year I started leading on a project to redevelop DCC online information about schools and services for children and families. This covered a huge area of our website and existing information was split in two very separate sections – ‘children and families’ and ‘education and learning’ – in line with distinct council service areas.

    As a parent myself I’d always felt that that the navigation (let alone design) of the existing site wasn’t aimed at the needs of users – parents, carers and young people. Simple tasks that you would expect to be able to carry out easily, such as finding school term dates, applying for a school place or searching for childcare meant numerous clicks or wading through pages of unnecessary service jargon to find what you were looking for.… Read the rest

  • Making collaboration and sharing more visible

    Like 88 other organisations with about 80 of those local authorities we’ve joined LocalGov Digital’s Pipeline network to share the work we’re doing and look for opportunities to join up with other councils and public sector bodies to collaborate on digital work.

    We’ve already added some of our work around the redesign of our homepage which we’re developing as part of our website rebuild and migration into WordPress and we will add more projects as we go forward. A few in the team have also joined and are following and commenting on other peoples projects, its becoming a great resource and networking tool already.… Read the rest

  • Update on Digital Content Strategy

    It has been a while since I blogged on here and I wanted to share some progress around the digital content strategy.

    So the following is a version of a recent update I gave internally using the 5 themes identified in the strategy as the basis for progress – this should give you a flavour of the work we have done and the progress made.

    1. Standards Driven
    2. User Driven
    3. Work with others
    4. Agile and Responsive
    5. Future proof

    The following represents a high level summary of progress

    Standards Driven – (a global experience language)

    Summary Description:

    Our web domain will be an ecosystem or network of solutions all governed by a set of rules (a global experience language, or GEL ) so they look, talk and behave like part of the core and are also searchable and indexed from a single (federated) search facility.… Read the rest

  • WordPress – Custom post types and taxonomies

    We have just completed a project which redesigned the democracy pages on our website – it is only a version 1 as some of the ideas we wished to implement weren’t manageable in the timescale.

    Also with Elections just around the corner we felt it was better to work with a new administration on some of the changes. Like the rest of our public website content will be, the democracy pages have been developed in WordPress.

    The previous councillor profile pages were a hybrid of database and manageable content which made it awkward to edit so we made a decision to move the whole lot into wordpress as custom post types and a set of taxonomies.… Read the rest