• Service design process infographic: devon.gov.uk

    This is the third in a trilogy of posts about the new home page, devon.gov.uk. The first was Firm Foundations by Matt and the second Building the homepage by Tim.

    I’m a designer in the Digital Team and it was my job to re-imagine the new homepage. It felt like my biggest challenge to date. For my post I wanted to show the design stages from start to finish, so it made sense for me to do it visually, in a Service design process infographic.

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  • Firm Foundations

    It only seems like yesterday that we decided upon using Twitter Bootstrap as our main responsive grid framework to offer the users both desktop and mobile layouts for all of our public facing websites. The reality is that 2 years have now passed and like all things web development related, things have progressed at an alarming rate.

    When we first adopted Bootstrap, mobile versions of sites were still more of a nicety than a necessity but the reality now is that mobile versions of our sites are far more important than desktop versions. Users not only expect to see nicely formatted content but ultra-fast page loading times.… Read the rest

  • What do we do with email?

    Email is an interesting channel and is often widely promoted as a choice of communications. On council websites you will see a variety of approaches which essentially trigger emails – individual emails, team emails, forms etc.

    As we work on redeveloping the councils website we have started to think more and more about how we manage email on our site and how we make it accessible and usable across all size browsers.

    One of the current challenges is that the mailto: attribute doesn’t work if someone uses a web based mail client such as gmail, yahoo mail, hotmail etc and would essentially have to copy and paste the email address into the “to” box.… Read the rest

  • Changing Re:WorkDigital

    It is often the case that when you start helping others improve things you can often neglect your own stuff.

    When we started this site we literally created it before we had pushed forward our standards on responsiveness and implemented the bootstrap multi-site, but our intention was to always move our site into that so we can lead by example.

    Well we have finally got around to migrating our site into a new responsive theme and in the process we have created a base template for service blogs which we can deploy quickly from now on…one example being the wordpress.com hosted http://devonlibraries.wordpress.com.… Read the rest