• The Last Two Weeks

    Well, time really has flown by! None of us can quite believe that it's already 2 weeks since our 1st fortnightly update on what we'd been up to in, er, the previous fortnight! I guess it can only be because we're so darn busy! Anyway, here we go again with our imaginatively titled "The Last Two Weeks" post :)
  • Do you get the picture?

    In this age of the social web, we are all becoming social reporters. Not only is it important for us all to know how best to communicate with words, but also with pictures. Cameras and photography are now ubiquitous, but how can we help ensure some level of quality in our imagery without focusing (no pun intended) on the technology?In this article I hope to provide a few tips and examples to highlight how anyone can take better photographs, regardless of what camera they are using.