Innovation 500

Innovation 500 is a curated/facilitated first step into the Change Academy – by signing up to the Innovation 500 you are committing to 6 hours of self directed learning and reflection over 6 months around innovation and creativity – on average 1 hour per month.

Through Innovation 500 we hope to connect people from across Devon to share good ideas and inspire action. This is our opportunity to promote positive action that will become part of the Re:Work Devon story of how local services are changing. Let’s give each other the permission to do something better.

3 reasons to get involved:

  1. You’ve got an idea you believe could make something a bit better, or a lot better, and you’re ready to try it.
  2. You’ve got a change happening you’d like to get others behind.
  3. You want to connect with other like-minded people — make new friends, be part of a growing network to get and give help, support and inspiration.


If each of us makes one small change, together we can change how the world works.

In the frustrating moments when we see that things aren’t happening in the best way, we can start on the small change actions that — in time, and with the help of others — overcome the things that were getting in our way.

Our working assumption is that if you sign-up you will commit yourself to 6 hours of self directed learning and innovation


We have put together some links and resources from across the internet to help you get started.


We want to share your stories of change. Share any action you’ve started, even if that’s beginning to make plans with colleagues. Got a great story we haven’t covered yet?

Tell us about it by using the comments section below.

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