DCCSMF – 7th October 2011

It was very well attended with over 70 people from across the council and partner organisations. It went very well, a few technical and timing issues but nothing major. Everyone wants more but better next time…so an interesting challenge.

Even the Head of our Press Office attended and found it valuable…

Overall I couldn’t be happier with how it went…I’ve included the presentations from the day below.

I was also very pleased with the action on the hashtag #DCCSMF  – my expectation was that only a few people would participate but it surprised me…It was also a bit unfamiliar for some to do this within a formal council meeting and I did receive some feedback, where some people thought it was rude that people were looking down at their phones…however I had given people permission at the start, but a cultural challenge nonetheless.

and we even had people who couldn’t attend joining in the discussion.



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