• Passionate about digital services – join the team!

    • Deadline extended to 31st August.
    • Interviews scheduled for 9th September.

    If you are passionate about the role that ‘digital’ can have in delivering new, innovative – USEFUL – services to members of the public in Devon…

    If you are a competent, technical, front-end web developer…

    If listening and responding to users first, and designing to meet their needs is something that motivates you…

    And if you really want to help make a difference in how public services and information are delivered in Devon…

    … then we would really like you to join our team! We have a permanent position with appropriate salary to offer to the right candidate.… Read the rest

  • Kicking off a social media audit at DCC

    With the departure of our social media champion Russell Taylor a (little!) while ago, things have been on the back burner at DCC with respect to developing our social media.

    We have always adopted a fairly relaxed attitude and encouraged the responsible use of social media by staff (guidelines can be found on the staff Yammer site). However, we lack a coherent plan around social media, which means we are not making best use of the different channels, not engaging well, and when we do engage we are not necessarily doing it in a very efficient manner.

    Hannah Wicks has taken on the task to start the ball rolling with a social media audit, and her email – to staff that we have contact details for – is reproduced below.… Read the rest

  • Building the case for a multi-partner approach to social media

    We know we need to sort our social media  out at DCC; we have many channels, but no coherent plan for managing conversations, responses and we should be making much better use of different social media platforms. There are some great tools out there, but all come at a price, and when social media is perceived by the organisation as “free”, it is challenging to build the case for investment.

    So earlier today, I winged out the email below to colleagues and contacts in other councils across Devon, to try and kickstart a conversation around collaborating to invest and operate a shared social media platform.… Read the rest

  • One month in: “digital by design”

    I owe Ed Cross a big favour. With a day before the deadline he pointed out a job advertisement that he himself was applying for, and said, “have you seen this?”

    I had a hunch, when I read the job description, that hiding behind the rather obtuse job title of “Public Information and Creative Services Manager” was a rather more interesting and challenging role. So despite the risk (moving from a permanent post to a one year fixed term contract at a time when the public sector is facing unprecedented upheaval and funding cuts… doh!) I rolled the dice, took a bet, and fired in the application fifteen minutes before the midnight deadline.… Read the rest