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Re:Cycle Devon

You know when there's an area of your website that isn't quite right and needs sorting out but for whatever reason you just don't get round to doing anything about it? Posted in Digital | Tagged , , , | 1 Comment

Summer Update

It's been just over a month since our last team update so there's penty of stuff to catch up on. There'd be even more but it's difficult to work with an ice cream in one hand and a refreshing cold drink (definitely non alcoholic) in the other, whilst sat on the beach - only kidding! Posted in Digital | 1 Comment

The last few weeks and then some

We seem to have lost our team mojo when it comes to blogging recently but that doesn't mean we aren't short of posts to write and in fact we have a number in draft and in shared google docs in the team. Posted in Digital | Leave a comment

The Last Few Weeks

In our last team blog I talked about how we were busy working on our 3 'centre' projects. Deadlines were looming and all the team were contributing in some way to getting the new sites up and running. Posted in Digital | 2 Comments

The Last Two Weeks

With deadlines looming a lot of focus is now falling on our 3 'centre' projects which I've discussed in many of my previous blog posts. The most prominent of these is 'Democracy in Devon'. Posted in Digital | Tagged , , , , , , , , | Leave a comment

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