• Waste and recycling – new site

    I’ve been working with Rhiannon and Liz from the Waste Team, to migrate waste and recycling content from the existing Livelink content management system to a new WordPress website using our default theme.

    The process

    To start, I used Google Analytics to see top page views for the existing Livelink content and, after discussions, a draft structure was provided by the Waste Team showing how they visualised the top navigation pages of the site.

    The next stage was mapping existing content, as well as streamlining and culling pages that were no longer needed. The navigation started to take shape and I chose a colour scheme for the site using browns and greens to fit in with bin colours.… Read the rest

  • School Communications an explanation

    Part of my role in the team is to manage the schools communications, Carl asked me to write a post explaining what it is and essentially explain what I do when I’m not doing what the rest of the team are doing!!

    Schools electronic communication to Devon local authority schools is a service offered by the council to communicate information to schools from services within the council and also if approved outside organisations and companies (although a charge is applied for this service), however we do not and can not make recommendations.

    All information communicated directly to schools which have converted to academy status has to be approved by the Head of Education and Learning (Sue Clarke).                        … Read the rest

  • My internal move from Business Support to the Corporate Web and Digital Communications Team

    In the last week of November I moved teams in DCC, from the central Business Support Team to the Web and Digital Communications Team – an obvious move! The move was the result of a restructure and my job had changed, although a large part of my role involved web publishing and eCommunications.

    I previously supported a number of P.A’s with administrative support and acted as the contact for tasks such as stationery requests, paying invoices, support to the MFD’s (multi-functional devices) and provided cover for post, rail/car hire and hotel bookings, I was also a cardinus administrator (our health and safety system) and the contact for the schools emergency phone numbers during half term.… Read the rest