• To reiterate…

    Back in the good old days of hard copy publishing life was simple. You wrote and designed a leaflet, spent three months going through a mere 13 or 14 rounds of amendments before it was signed off, sent it to print and moved on to the next job. Safe in the knowledge that you could forget all about the leaflet until it needed updating in a couple of years. Lovely.

    So our web approach should be no different, right? Write the content, get it signed off, upload it and forget about it. Job done. You’ve also got the added of bonus of no print costs and unlimited space so you can put everything up there.… Read the rest

  • Can I speak plainly?


    We can speak plainly but, according to recent reports, those of us in central and local government rarely do. We communicate complex ideas to other people every day (the plot of Homeland for instance) so why do we struggle to tell the public what our services are and how to access them?

    In the course of my work I’ve come across three main reasons.


    1.    The Rules
    The grammar you learn in your formative years often becomes the basis of your writing for the rest of your life. In many cases the rules you are taught become so much part of your writing style that you don’t even realise you’re following them; which makes them very tricky to unlearn.… Read the rest