• Making things open – using Git

    A few weeks ago we got an email from a colleague here, with a problem that needed solving; our ICT people were starting to look at the issue of data storage, and had flagged up things like the Spend Over £500 files – big csv files that we publish every month, going back several years –  as something we needed to look at before they became unmanageable. At the same time we were hearing that the process for adding a new file each month was ridiculously manual, tedious and about as far from agile as you could get. It got even worse when we talked about moving the files somewhere and updating the web pages they’re catalogued on – every link would have to be re-made manually.… Read the rest
  • Making use of open data

    We were very pleased, a couple of weeks ago, to discover that some of our open data has been put to good use – Jim Patterson, a developer who’s just moved to Devon, put together the Devon Spends website as a project to summarise and display the ‘Spend over £500’ data that we release every month.

    We caught up with Jim this week and asked him a few questions; here’s what we talked about.

    Firstly, the big question; what brought you to Devon?

    The beaches!  There’s a distinct lack of them in the East Midlands.  In truth, much of my extended family have moved down over the past couple of years; I thought I’d follow their lead.  … Read the rest

  • Open Data Champions

    In case you missed it, Devon County Council has just been recognised by Francis Maude as an Open Data Champion at an event in Whitehall on Tuesday 24th March. This is an amazing achievement; of all the local authorities of all sizes and types in the UK, just sixteen councils were recognised in this way. I was there for a practitioners round table discussion, while councillor Barry Parsons represented us at the council leaders presentation. It’s hard to begin to describe just how proud we are to have been marked out in this way. So where do we start?

    First; it’s not just me who’s made this happen.… Read the rest