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I’ve been working with Rhiannon and Liz from the Waste Team, to migrate waste and recycling content from the existing Livelink content management system to a new WordPress website using our default theme.

The process

To start, I used Google Analytics to see top page views for the existing Livelink content and, after discussions, a draft structure was provided by the Waste Team showing how they visualised the top navigation pages of the site.

The next stage was mapping existing content, as well as streamlining and culling pages that were no longer needed. The navigation started to take shape and I chose a colour scheme for the site using browns and greens to fit in with bin colours.

After discussions with senior officers from the Web Team, it was agreed that I would design a wireframe for a custom post type for the recycling centres. This was my first ever wireframe! (screen shots below of my wireframe) I got ideas from existing sites and produced the wireframe using Balsamiq a great, free online tool which was very user-friendly. Having not used Balsamiq before, I also found a great video intro outlining the basics of this tool.

Once I had finished the wireframes, I gave these to our Senior Developer, Tim to build a plugin with a custom post type in. With some testing and tweaks it was all working, and ready for me to enter all the content and details. Once done, there was some back and forth with the service on colours and we did have a meeting to discuss some queries which were not always easy to do by email.

I spoke with a designer in our team and we discussed some ideas on a possible header which was then mocked up, but the Waste Team were not keen (so back to the drawing board) and a compromise with the Swoosh logo was agreed. This is now the header background image of the website.

My reflections

In hindsight perhaps I should have finalised the order of tabs etc before doing the wireframe, but this was a new experience and a learning curve for me. Colours of the site changed several times throughout course of producing it. Final colours were decided as the Waste Team wanted something bright and colourful, which incorporated colours used on the Recycle Devon website.

Rhiannon was great at sending content through and keeping in touch weekly with progress updates on outstanding content and any hold-ups. It was nice to work with a team who were responsive and wanted to be involved; because after all they had a good insight in to what their users’ needs are.

The new default theme was great to use in WordPress; I was able to make the site responsive and test on mobile and tablet, and in different browsers. I could easily change navigation colours on the breadcrumb, tables, tabs and accordions and it was great having much more control of the appearance of the site and having more capability than in Livelink to make the site look and feel inviting to users. Although this task was mainly to migrate content out of Livelink and into WordPress, hopefully the new improved site will be a lot clearer for users to navigate and find what they are looking for.

Another site out of Livelink – ^Lore





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