2013 – The Story So Far

Just like last pay day, if has been a long old time since our last post (last year in fact 🙂 ), but that doesn’t mean we haven’t been busy. 2013 has proved already proved to be interesting and we have lots of projects ahead of us.

Looking back on last year we have come a long way although it doesn’t feel like we have even created a dent in the work we know we need to complete, but we have learnt so much and have made significant progress.
As always here is a short summary of what we’ve all been up to…do get in touch via the comments if you want to know more about any specific project or thing.

Social Media

  • Social Media Conversations with colleagues (reviewing DCC use of yammer and other channels)
  • DCC Winter service Twitter updates www.devon.gov.uk/transportinfo-guide and follow https://twitter.com/DevonRoads
  • Planning and logistics for the next DCC Social Media Forum, which will be the 23rd April – Russell will post more details soon on what is going to happen.

A screenshot of the National Libraries Day website

  • Conversations and preparation with Libraries colleagues ahead of National Libraries Day 9th February. Some of our libraries staff will be out and about tweeting during the day and will also be sharing a range of additional facts and figures leading up to the day itself.


Web and Digital Design and Development

  • The new staff intranet homepage and staff news centre built on our internal wordpress platform have gone live and we have already received lots of positive feedback, although have encountered some issues with performance which we believe to be server based. But these are not major issues and we have already made some changes.
  • Completion of the multi-site environment which hosts our news centre which will be open to our district council colleagues
  • Construction Framework South West transfer and conversion http://beta.devon.gov.uk/cfsw/
  • Transfer of Devon Libraries blog into beta as first part of redevelopment of their site content http://beta.devon.gov.uk/libraries/blog/
  • Internal communications calendar system
  • New Social Care site development
  • Adult Protection pages planning for new site
  • Preparatory work for building of Democracy Centre and Adult & Community Learning websites
  • Started work on Democracy Centre, specifically the Councillor profile content.
  • Smokefree Alliance Devon websites… nothing currently visible, just draft designs awaiting feedback!
  • Community Focus website – wire frame and content


Content Design and Publishing

  • Further conversations and work on Part Night Street Lighting – this work is looking at how we can improve our webpages after feedback from students at Exeter University who are concerned at the plans to turn off street lights betweeen 12.30 and 5.30am and have indicated that our current web content is not as useful as it could be. We aim to develop this beta site and use it to gather further feedback from the students http://beta.devon.gov.uk/streetlighting/

The front page of the Devon Local Nature Partnership website

  • Local Nature Partnership alterations
  • Helped out with publishing some content about a couple of transport consultations www.devon.gov.uk/roundswell-roundabout and www.devon.gov.uk/tavistock-bere-alston-railway
  • Transferred and published SACRE information on our main DCC site
  • Democracy Centre content planning (includes review of councillor profile pages, elections pages, find your councillor etc)
  • Liaison with Adult learning around a proposed redesign of their webpages
  • General publishing requests across staff and public websites
  • Transfer of the DCC record retention information from staff pages to the public site – to be completed and made live soon
  • Cycle Devon meetings – initial ideas and plans around consolidating the DCC Cycling content into one new site. It’s currently split between www.cycledevon.info and www.devon.gov.uk/cycling (to name but 2!)
  • HR – Extended Work Experience pages (staff intranet)
  • Legal Services – legislation updates pages


General Stuff

  • Team Project Planning for next year
  • Google Fusion tables investigation using our electoral division data
  • Google API research
  • Web Management Group planning and review of purpose
  • Conversation with Health colleagues around physical activities website
  • Further conversations around staff suggestion platform
  • Tim informs me that he spent some time fixing an issue with our internal wordpress platform..I’m not sure what it was…but he fixed it.
  • Vuelio (press management system) accounts review
  • School Communications web work.


The Lighter Side

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