The Last Two Weeks

The flood waters have started to  subside and the building of the Web Team Ark has been put on hold for the time being at least so here’s another jam packed installment of our fortnightly update. We’re even a man down this week due to a new arrival (Russell is a father to a baby boy) so just think how much there would have been to read if we were at full strength! (there would be at least 2 more bullet points in the Social Media section)…Although we have literally just gained a new person, they moved yesterday but start on Monday – more on that in a future post

Social Media

  • We have written a draft report to Corporate Leadership Team on barriers to social media – it isn’t exactly finished yet but Carl is working on finishing it off with the recommendations
  • We have produced draft guidance for councillors on social media


A screenshot of the DCC Strategic Plan website

Web and Digital Design and Development

  • New Adult Social Care design & theme creation
  • Continuing work on new DCC staff news centre and intranet homepage
  • Started work on the conversion of the DCC Strategic Plan website to a responsive design and reuseable theme
  • Began working on the Devon Personalised Learning Service communications site for sharing information on the conversion to sponsored academies. This is also a trial for making features of the blog theme optional, such as making the site private (hence login required) and customisable backgrounds
  • Started thinking about ways of improving and updating the Devon School Closures system for next year, perhaps building it into a full WordPress site with custom post types and even rolling in the Schools Information Database to make a more comprehensive system for schools information
  • Added a secure login option to our DCC blogs theme


Content Design and Publishing

A screen shot of the DCC Winter Weather webpage

  • Worked with colleagues to publish a new consultation on improving Exeter’s cycling and pedestrian environment
  • Finalised and completed the publishing of updated School Admissions webpages
  • In light of the recent flooding problems in the area we have worked to update our Flooding webpage. We’ve only made small amendments to the page, essentially just adding some more links to the Environment Agency and removing some out of date documents. The flooding has made us reflect and we have thought more about the ‘Emergency’ content we have across our whole site and will most probably lead to a longer term project for us to bring all our information together and present it better. In the short term we will be updating our current Winter Weather page which will include better links to the flooding information
  • Set up and published initial web presence for HR ONE – DCC’s HR advice and support service
  • Plenty more publishing on our public site and staff intranet as well as more guidance and assistance for other content authors across DCC – it is really a never ending task 🙂
  • Devon PEN webpage publishing


General Stuff

  • Worked on co-ordinating the progress of the 3 big content projects (democracy, community, have your say)
  • Designs and planning for new ‘Have Your Say’ content project
  • Discussions around a staff suggestion scheme website
  • Discussions with our ICT department about extranet / intranet possibilities
  • Condsucted reseach  and supported to the “managing demand” group within the council’s Future Landscape project
  • Conversations and discussions about pushing open data and exploring how we can enable our first “hackday”.
  • Discussions around the development of an API to our document management solution so we can effectively manage and display documents (we don’t want to store documents in wordpress)
  • Began unpicking the technical requirements of Comms staff around the migration to the new DCC desktop (bye bye IE6 – YIPPEE)
  • Welcomed a new member of the team (Lore Gubb) who has joined us due to a restructure elsewhere in the council
  • Test installation of Mantis bug tracking
  • Had discussions and conversations with LGA about localgovdigital frameworks
  • Vuelio (Press management system) licences evaluation
  • Planning for Adult Social Care Christmas cover arrangements
  • We’ve began looking at Mockflow – Online Wireframe Tool as a way to improve the earliest stages of website planning – it seems to have really good potential and will certainly be a step up from the (my) current pencil and paper approach. Also been looking at Google Moderator and thinking about its potential use.
  • And of course we made progress on the web team ark 🙂


The Lighter Side

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