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We have decided that along with writing posts about our journey and learning, we thought we would share the more general day to day stuff as well – you know the stuff that fills our time, it won’t always be glamorous, in fact you can pretty much be guaranteed of that. However we want to be more open about what we do and we want to learn how being more open about all aspects of our work can help us improve what we do.

This is a collective update as everyone in the team has contributed to this post and we have broken this down into sections

Social Media Awareness and Education

  • Two social media lunchtime sandwich sessions with the NHS Western Locality CCG (Clinical Commissioning Group).
  • Social Media Roadshows to five Heads of Service and their management teams in DCC – raising awareness of the social media guidance and understanding the current perception and barriers.
  • Started a video workshop (imovie) with communications colleagues to learn best practice for filming content.
  • Photographed the DCC Apprentices – new apprentices joining on day one and this year’s graduation ceremony.
  • Preparation for Foster Carer Social Media Training
  • Providing social media guidance and support to Adult Community Learning and the Democratic Support team
  • Online training (using GoToMeeting) for a Children’s Centre Facebook pilot
  • Planning for this years Winter Service campaign
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Web and Digital Design and Development

  • Completed and deployed JourneyDevon website including responsive design and appropriate internet explorer compatibility work – currently in beta awaiting confirmation for go live.
  • Also developed JourneyDevon’s responsive ‘select’ menu for mobiles instead of list menu (tinynav js script).
  • Created the investdevon new design –  developed in our wordpress multi-site and required appropriate internet explorer compatibility.
  • Created a small plugin to change site links for when moving from beta.devon to new.devon servers (this refers to our multisite framework which is explained here).
  • Added the DCC parent theme options page for contact details in the footer of the GEL (Global Experience Language) and deployed on various sites.
  • Implemented a new twitter widget (developed by @pezholio) for wordpress that uses oauth (An open protocol to allow secure authorisation in a simple and standard method from web, mobile and desktop applications.). This has been deployed on our site here and you can see it on the right hand side of the page.
  • Migrated the new Devon Work Hubs website, which is on drupal from a CD/DVD to our hosting environment and made it live – yes we received it on a CD?
  • Quick implementation of a form using wordpress and contact form 7 – this is a form version of the social media checklist.
  • Creation of default themes for the social.devon platform (our internal wordpress environment), for use in creating internal microsites in the DCC theme.
  • Set up an online calendar site on social.devon for colleagues using Google Calendar
  • Discovered interesting jQuery solution to overcome the problem of long sub menus on mobile devices. (
  • Started looking into whether Disqus would be a good solution for cross domain commenting?
  • Continuing conversations on the future developments of the Devon Newscentre

Content Design and Publishing

  • Finalising designs and content for the council’s Intranet homepage and Staff Newscentre
  • Updated our homepage to publicise the new P.A.N.I.C app
  • Worked with colleagues to update the DCC Fairtrade pages
  • Updated numerous (too many to count) pages on our staff intranet
  • We have three big projects now underway to develop and enhance our information in the following areas – All ideas and suggestions welcome!
    • Democracy – plans to revamp, reinvigorate and relaunch all our democracy, councillor and election content and develop more content where appropriate. Looking for a fresh and engaging presentation of democracy in Devon.
    • Community – plans to co-ordinate, organise and promote community based information – as a first phase – we are looking at redesigning the statistics pages with additional content
    • Conversation and Engagement – plans to bring together a single view on all areas of consultation and engagement across the DCC website and to promote new ways to engage with the council
  • Undertook plenty of publishing work across our public site. Updating text, documents or images. Fixing broken links, removing out of date content.
  • Responded to enquiries from the public – assisting with the location of information.
  • General troubleshooting and assistance to our website authors across the services. Offer advice and guidance where appropriate or take responsibility if the problem is more complicated!
  • WordPress training and updates for Devon Local Nature Partnership website
  • Updating Cycle Devon website and planning for redesign
  • Reviewed our current use of social media channels against best practice (we regularly do this to ensure we continually learn and adapt)
After completing another blog post, one of the team puts his feet up

Open Data and Transparency

  • Open Data Meeting with Highways and Digpensw (referenced in this post)
  • Meeting to explore a pilot for using open data for community budgets

General stuff

  • Pilot and play with google hangouts and facetime for team collaboration.
  • Setup new groups within the Provider Engagement Network and had meetings to discuss handing over admin responsibilities.

The lighter side

The following contains a list of things which have interested, amused or inspired us over the last few weeks.

  1. –  People’s opinions are matched against the candidates behind the scenes and their vote is registered for the one whose policies match their opinions automatically. The voter will also never know who they voted for, they just know they voted for the most appropriate candidate!
  2. Really interesting and well written article about a guy who takes a tour around the game L.A Noire with his Father who lived in L.A during the period.
  3.– is a website where you can store text for a certain period of time. The website is mainly used by programmers to store pieces of sources code or configuration information, but anyone is more than welcome to paste any type of text. The idea behind the site is to make it more convenient for people to share large amounts of text online.
  4. CityDashboard aggregates simple spatial data for cities around the UK and displays the data on a dashboard and a map. –
  5. Epic RC Car Chase –
  6. Insane Lego Contraption – LEGO Great Ball Contraption (GBC) Layout 2012.9
  7. Sam Rediscovered his favourite CD compilation and put it together on Grooveshark – the start of an EpicMixTape rebirth perhaps?
Our office…posters aren’t allowed, but as you can see we follow all the rules 🙂
Our office
Well, after all that work we deserve a break, surely?

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