• Reflections from Dubai and the #GSMS event

    A couple of weeks ago I received a very welcome but random message from Dan Slee, it basically said “Do you fancy an all expenses paid trip to Dubai” – “PS this isn’t a spam message” or something along those lines.

    My response was obviously Yes, although it nearly didn’t happen as I’d already planned to attend a weekend in Cornwall with some friends. After some last minute flight changes, I was set to fly on Tuesday morning….

    The GCC Government Social Media Summit

    The event was the GCC (Gulf Cooperation Council) Social Media Summit, held at the very nice Ritz-Carlton Hotel and I was speaking on Day 3 following the topics that Dan had previously set but with a Devon Spin of course…

    • What does Devon County Council do?
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  • Homepage background #4

    We launched our new homepage back in March this year and one of the main features was the community-sourced background imagery. The idea is to inspire Devon photographers, of any level, to share their photos into our Proud of Devon Flickr group and periodically we will select a handful to be considered as our site background.

    Our previous backgrounds have been “Land next to the sea” by CedricksPhotography, “Oilseed Field” by SJFreeman (me!) and our current photo is “Instow Sunset” by Nick Woodrow.

    The time has now come to update our background photo again and rather than make a decision within the team, we want to get some actual feedback from real users.… Read the rest

  • Choosing the framework

    In my last post, I touched on the importance of responsive layouts in site designs so that all devices can display digital content correctly and improve the end user experience. My research into this ever-expanding web design trend / neccesity has continued over the last month and I’ve had great pleasure in sharing my learning with the rest of the team. All the things I have learnt have recently been put into practice with the creation of a sustainable responsive framework for the beta.devon and new.devon multisites that we are currently in the process of setting up.

    We started the project by accessing some of the most popular CSS frameworks that have been released and are available as free downloads on the net.… Read the rest