• Upwardly Mobile

    Five years ago today (29 June 2007) the first iPhone was launched. Exactly 200 years earlier during the Russo-Turkish War the Ottoman fleet is destroyed at the Battle of Athos. Whether these two events are connected we’ll never know.
  • A new pair of trousers

    Picture the scene…. It’s 11.30pm on a Monday night, my PC downstairs has been switched off for a while and I’m tucked up in bed ready to catch some flies. It then suddenly dawns on me that I’ve got a christening to go to at the weekend and ideally, I could do with a new pair of smart but casual black trousers. There won’t be any opportunity for me to get into town to have a look around the shops before the weekend, so online shopping will have to do. I can’t be bothered to wait for my ageing PC to boot up again and I haven’t got the luxury of an iPad so it’s all down to my trusty iPhone with wifi connection again.… Read the rest