Service: 678

Community: Crediton, Exeter, Tiverton
Area: East Devon, Exeter, Mid Devon

Witheridge - Nomansland - Puddington - Pennymoor - Poughill - Cheriton Fitzpaine - Thorverton - Brampford Speke - Upton Pyne - Exeter

Present Level of Service: Monday - Friday (Witheridge - Nomansland section Wednesday & Friday only)
Proposal 1

Reduce to Tuesday, Wednesday & Friday. Withdraw Witheridge - Nomansland section. Brampford Speke & Upton Pyne to be served on Wednesday, & Friday. Tuesday journey will be diverted between Thorverton and Exeter to serve Ellerhayes & Poltimore and will not serve Brampford Speke and Upton Pyne.


Redesigned local network still caters for most demand. Witheridge and Nomansland have alternative service (155) to Exeter. Thorverton has alternative service (55B) to Exeter.

Estimated no.of passengers journeys per year (ie one way trips) no longer catered for on this or alternative services: 1,000
Annual Saving: £5,503
Timetable: 678
Mid Devon

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