Service: 59

Community: Ivybridge
Area: South Hams

Plymouth - Plympton - Sparkwell - Lutton - Cornwood - Lee Moor - Wotter - Shaugh Prior - Bickleigh - Roborough

Present Level of Service: Monday - Saturday
Proposal 1

Service reduced from 7 journeys per day to 4. The revised service will still provide a peak time journey to and from Plymouth and a choice of shopping journeys.


Retains service to Shaugh Prior School for entitled pupils. Otherwise retains work and shopping-time services to Plymouth but with reduced options.

Estimated no.of passengers journeys per year (ie one way trips) no longer catered for on this or alternative services: 5,000
Annual Saving: £47,474
Timetable: 59 Plymouth - Lee Moor

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