Consultation 2013/14 (closed)

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This Public Transport Services and Concessionary Bus Travel review is now closed. The responses have been considered and the proposals revised.

Read the results of the consultation.

Below you will find general comments left on this page during the consultation.

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  1. Gemma |

    I think students who have disabilities should have a train pass too , as the council want the disabled out of driving when possible to reduce any dangers ( e,g fits with epilepsy ) . as it is hard enough having a disability , let alone trying to get on a bus in Plymouth from university to back home which takes three times the time of a bus and makes me and others feel very uncomfortable and worried that if something happens to them they will be highly embarrassed , uncomfortable and at more harm on a full , squashed up bus .

  2. Bill Ricketts |

    Generalisation is always very difficult, but I do agree with the comment that the original intention was not really to provide long distance jollys and joy rides but to provide essential journeys for those who need them (which I support wholeheartedly). On the question of reducing car use, at many destinations in Devon the cost of parking the car is a sizeable deterrant, but this also begs the question if the individual happily afords to pay to run a car can they not afford the bus fare? I do not subscribe to the view that a facility should be used simply because it is free.

  3. Clare Meiklejohn |

    I agree with many that it seems fair for Bus Pass users to pay either an annual fee of around £25 or so for the pass, similar to the Railcard system, and/or pay £1 per trip instead of travelling free. I am 65, have no car, and use my bus pass frequently and would be happy to pay for it. There could be exemptions for some groups, eg I feel my blind friend should be able to travel free. I am especially keen that services to Dartmoor and other rural areas are not cut back. Public transport should be encouraged, rather than building more roads.

  4. Dr Derek Earl |

    The bus companies could economise by using smaller single deck vehicles through most of the year,eg the 93 Dartmouth/Plymouth is a double decker far too big for the A 379 road and could be reserved for use during the 3months holiday season.This service has been of less use to those in need since it no longer stops at the hospitals at derriford .Suggest a 5% cut would be appropriate.
    Concessionary bus passes could be restricted to local residents for use locally?

  5. June Marshall |

    As there doesn’t seem to be any way to join the debate other than through this website it automatically excludes many of the people who will be effected by the changes e.g. the elderly and disabled who do not have access to the internet – how are these people being consulted over the changes?

    • rachel.phillips |

      Thank you for your comment – we have made the consultation available as a paper copy to those who requested it. We have also completed a mail out questionnaire to a sample of bus pass holders, and carried out some focus group sessions to ensure we include opnions from a cross section of the community.