Mineral Safeguarding SPD Consultation

Devon County Council adopted its new Minerals Plan earlier this year, setting out the policy framework for mineral development in the county over the next 16 years.

The Minerals Plan features the introduction of “Mineral Safeguarding Areas” which aim to secure valuable mineral resources from sterilisation by new development, to ensure that they remain available for use by future generations.

As the Mineral Safeguarding Areas are a new concept and the success relies on the co-operation of developers and the decisions of Devon’s district councils as local planning authorities, Devon County Council is preparing new guidance to help in decision-making. This guidance, in the form of a Supplementary Planning Document (SPD), explains how Mineral Safeguarding Areas are defined and how decisions on development affecting them should be made.

A draft version of the SPD is now undergoing consultation until

5pm on Monday 16th October 2017.

Devon County Council is seeking views from anyone involved in submitting, responding to or determining planning applications in Devon, or those with an interest in the county’s mineral resources.

Responses should be made using the response form provided below which can be returned by email or post to:


Minerals and Waste Planning,
Devon County Council,
AB2 Lucombe House,
County Hall,
01392 383510