Validation requirements

For a planning application to be considered valid, it must contain all the information necessary for us to make a fair decision and be accompanied by the correct fee.

We have produced the following guidance document to help you submit the necessary supporting information to register a valid waste or county council development planning application:

Applicants for mineral developments should use the guidance contained in the form M1. More information is available at Apply for planning permission.

To get help with what documents you should submit with your planning application, you can request pre-application advice.


Validation Review Consultation


Devon County Council has reviewed the existing local validation requirements for planning applications, ensuring it reflects the most up to date policy, guidance and statutory requirements. Following this review, a number of changes have been made to the current list, which was adopted in September 2015.

The proposed revised validation list can be found here:

DRAFT Validation requirements for planning applications 

We are inviting comments on any aspect of this revised list until 8th September 2017.

Please send any comments to Please ensure your response includes:

  • the part/section of the validation requirements that your comment relates to;
  • any suggestions or amendments that could be made to address any concerns you have; and
  • a brief explanation as to why you consider these changes as necessary.


Once the consultation has ended, responses will be taken into account when preparing the final revised list. Once complete, the revised list will be published on this webpage.