Peer Challenge: The brief

LGA Corporate Peer Challenge 26-30 September 2016

Devon County Council has commissioned a small team of local government peers to carry out a Corporate Peer Challenge from 26-30 September 2016.

The process involves engaging (in interviews and focus groups) with a wide range of people connected with the Council on the following themes:

  1. Understanding of the local place and priority setting: Does the council understand its role within Devon and use that to inform a clear vision and set of priorities?
  2. Leadership of Place: Does the council provide effective leadership in our communities through its elected members and officers and does it make best use of and create the right relationships with external stakeholders?
  3. Financial planning and viability: Does the council have a financial plan in place to ensure long term viability and is there evidence that it is being implemented successfully?
  4. Organisational leadership and governance: Is there effective political and managerial leadership supported by good governance and decision-making arrangements? Do those arrangements respond to key challenges and enable change and transformation to happen?
  5. Capacity to deliver: Is organisational capacity aligned with the council’s priorities and does the council influence, enable and leverage external capacity to focus on agreed outcomes?

The peers who will be working with us are:

  • Deborah Cadman, Chief Executive, Suffolk County Council (officer peer lead)
  • Cllr Izzi Seccombe, Leader, Warwickshire County Council (member peer lead)
  • Stuart Brown, Chief Executive, Mendip District Council
  • Richard Harries, Director of Research, The Power to Change (voluntary sector)
  • Susie Kemp, Former Assistant Chief Executive of Surrey County Council and member of previous LGA Corporate Peer Challenge Teams working with Devon
  • Cllr Heather Kidd, Shropshire Council (member peer)
  • Claire Holloway, Head of Corporate Services, Local Government Association
  • Chris Bowron, Peer Challenge Manager, Local Government Association

The Council has successfully used peer challenge as part of its improvement work for a number of years and we look forward to continuing our work with the Local Government Association and peer colleagues.


For further information about the peer challenge please contact Angela Welch, Executive Assistant to the Chief Executive, Devon County Council Tel: 01392 382939  Email:


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