Once again we extend a warm welcome to the LGA Peer Challenge team. We have valued our continued engagement with the Peer Challenge process and members of successive Challenge Teams.

Your input has been very helpful and in 2015 you perceived that we had arrived at a crossroads. We needed to tackle fundamental systemic change. We are now changing the rhetoric from austerity to opportunity and are about to embark on a transformation programme which will be the cornerstone of our future organisation. Alongside this we are making changes to our Corporate Leadership Team to increase our leadership capacity and enable the whole organisation to get behind this transformation.

This is difficult territory and the stakes are high, so we invite you to take a critical view of our plans, our culture and our capability to implement greater change quickly. Our Position Statement describes our journey and asks you to push us hard on some important questions:

  • Do we really understand our communities? Is our transformation grounded in this understanding and designed in partnership with communities and partners?
  • How appropriate is our style of Place leadership? Could we do more to raise aspirations and improve outcomes for all our communities?
  • How is our transformation working in practice? Are there any lingering doubts about our collective leadership and culture? Is the new leadership structure strengthening our connection with citizens and improving our effectiveness in partnership?
  • Are our plans to keep the books balanced in the short term sufficient? Will our transformation programme enable better use of limited resources? Are we equipped to become self financing within a new local government finance system?
  • Do we have the capacity and culture to transform ourselves and sustain change?

Phil Norrey, Chief Executive

John Hart, Leader



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