Keeping Devon’s children safe – November 2014 update

November child protection and social work Ofsted updates, Facebook, CareFirst, and much more

Back copies of staff bulletins:

Key management messages

Dear colleague

At the recent Ofsted Delivery Improvement Group (DIG) a number of issues were discussed, including preparations for the imminent Ofsted inspection of all Devon County Council’s services for children, young people and their families.

Find out more in this bulletin about our progess following the Lean Review especially improvements to CareFirst , all designed to help you do your job more efficiently.

And, as we approach the festive season, we would like to take this opportunity to thank you for your continued support, professionalism and hard work.


Ofsted Delivery Improvement Group (DIG)

At our last DIG meeting, the Group discussed

  • Early Help, including the Children and Young People’s Alliance and Holistix web-based system which supports the Devon Assessment Framework (DAF)
  • Lean Review, including CareFirst forms
  • Oracle self-service, espcially managers
  • preparing for Ofsted inspection.

Ray Jones

Update from Children’s Safeguarding Improvement Board (CIB)

At the last CIB, independent Chair  Professor Ray Jonesacknowledged that everyone is very busy and recognised the continuing hard work of staff across children’s services.
The update includes:

  • communication and networking
  • feedback from the recent LGA Peer Review of Children’s Safeguarding
  • the Children and Young People’s Alliance
  • education
  • emotional well-being service.


Advocacy referral process update

Find out more about the advocacy services available to children and young people, and how to make referrals to them.

Early Help Coordination and DAF

Step Down practice guidance

For use by social care staff when it is considered a case could be closed to childrens social work and supported through multi agency arrangements under a Devon Assessment Framework (DAF) or Early Help.

Read the guidance.


Child sexual exploitation – national and local update

Our Corprate Leadership Team (CLT) recently received an update from Fiona Fitzpatrick on both national and local safeguarding issues around child sexual exploitation.

Training opportunities

Domestic Violence and Abuse Pathway for Victims

Do you know about Devon’s current local CAADA-DASH RIC risk thresholds, and referreals? Do you need further training? If you are concerned about an adult (aged 16+) who is affected by domestic abuse find out what to do

Early Help Training

We are pleased to let you know that we have a range of new Early Help e-learning and face-to-face training opportunities available, suitable for anyone working with children. It is free to take part and professionals can complete the course at any time that is convenient.

Read more on our the Devon Safeguarding Children (DSCB) website. And read the latest DSCB newsletter

Help us to find you – the success of our staff directory depends on what you put into it…

Our staff directory is only as good as the information we feed it so it’s important to keep your profile information as accurate as possible.

The control is yours, the responsibility is yours (PDF version)


HR update – Manager Briefing: Recruitment

An update on performance, workforce development and recruitment. This month’s briefing includes recruitment, professional practice, supervision, Oracle Self Service pilot, Learning & Development and Manager Standards.

Karen Morris

Vote for Karen!

Karen Morris, Senior Manager Early Help & Access, is standing for election to become a Children and Families Faculty Member on The College of Social Work. She needs your support!

Giving children the chance to grow

November has been a month of celebrations for our Devon Adoption team who recently won a major industry award as part of National Adoption Week 2014. Not only were our local adopters featured on BBC Spotlight, local radio and  press but  following this, Devon Adoption’s Operations Manager, Rachel Gillott, was approached by The Guardian. Rachel’s article expanded on the team’s ‘Life Story’ work and journey of the child.

Devon Adoption Team

What support would make a difference to the wellbeing of children and young people?

Our Public Health and Youth teams are asking children, young people and parents/carers about what support would make a difference to children and young people’s emotional, psychological and social wellbeing.

By completing this short questionnaire they want to find out what things affect children and young people’s ability to feel well. And find out what help and support there is for when things do not feel great.

Please complete and pass on the questionnaire. The deadline is Friday 5 December.

November 2014

Important updates

Way We Work Group

Children’s Way We Work Group

Progress from the CWWW group on the Lean Review implementation, introducing Penny Truscott, and checking your broadband.

Fibonacci upgrade: change to Child Chronologies to include TRIM information coming soon

And our Workforce Development  team is moving. Find out where.


CareFirst Training – Reminder to Managers

As soon as you know about a new member of your team starting, get them added. Find out how.

CareFirst passwords are changing

From the 1st December 2014 CareFirst passwords will need to meet the following requirements

Important information about staff entries

Carefirst users reminder

Adoption records on CareFirst – requests to lock down and access

The CareSecure process has recently changed. Find out how to submit requests.


What have you been saying on Facebook?

Are you aware of the privacy settings on Facebook?

If you ever discuss DCC work using social media, like Facebook, then you have certain responsibilities, standards of behaviour and other organisational considerations which apply.

Replacement laptops

Our thin client laptops will be upgraded to thick client laptops by the end of the year.

Resources and Publications


HolistiX is ‘live’ – Input your own DAFs!

HolistiX system is now ‘live’ and can be accessed by practitioners.

HolistiX is a secure, web-based system which will be used to record and store all of the information captured in the Devon Assessment Framework (DAF).

Read more about HolistiX and how to use it here.

DSCB Early Help update

New leaflets to support children to do well at school

Guidance leaflets regarding education attainment levels, and how you can support your children to improve and do well:

Further leaflets found on our resources section of the Devon Adoption and Fostering websites.


16 Days of Action Against Domestic Violence

25 November – 10 December 2014

Supporting to take action against domestic abuse and violence.



Rape awareness campaign

This week Devon and Cornwall Police has launched a new campaign targeted at students and young people to help change attitudes to sexual offences.

The #NOBLURREDLINES campaign will target men and women aged between 16-37 to educate and inform them that sex without consent is rape.

Promotional materials are available. Find out more

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