Keeping Devon’s children safe – May 2014 update

Children’s Social Work, Ofsted improvements, Way We Work group updates and more.

Back copies of staff bulletins:

Dear colleague

Last Friday we held a very successful social work conference at Exeter racecourse. Qualified social workers focused the day on research and learning alongside professional development and the role of the College of Social Work. Speakers included Professor Ray Jones, Professor Harry Ferguson and Annie Hudson.

During the afternoon there was an opportunity to attend workshops exploring local, good and new developments in practice. Find out what happened

Ofsted Delivery Improvement Group (DIG) update

At our last DIG meeting, the Group discussed at length issues that have been raised amongst staff about the practicalities around some of your working arrangements. We also covered

  • Learning from other inspections
  • HR update
  • One year on from Ofsted’s inspection

Update from Children’s Safeguarding Improvement Board

Update from the Children’s Safeguarding and Improvement Board (CIB), with Professor Ray Jones, independent Chair

At the latest CIB, it was really encouraging to see such an excellent response from schools across the education system to the Safeguarding Annual Audit. 403 audits were emailed to Devon schools and to date, 399 audits (99%) have been returned.

The responses are summarised here, alongside the latest Ofsted Improvement Programme Report; an update around working with the health sector; and a message from the independent Chair, Professor Ray Jones

What the Children and Families Act 2014 means for social work and social workers

The Act includes reforms for adoption, special educational needs, children in care – and starts the process of change for children’s homes

The act is wide-ranging, tackling everything from school meals to smoking in cars, but at its core lie significant – and controversial – changes to how adoption works and major reforms to improve the lives of looked-after children.

Please refer to this briefing note on the new legislation. And the related article in Community Care

HR update – Manager Briefing: Recruitment

This is the first monthly update on performance, workforce development and recruitment activity to share with social work teams. This month the focus is on recruitment.

In 2013/14, a total of 48 Social Workers have been recruited into Children and Families and Initial Response teams.

Find out the recruitment targets for 14/15, more about the career progression scheme, and closing dates for this recruitment round.

Social work traineeship opportunity

We are offering a number of opportunities for children’s and adult services employees to undertake a social work qualification linked to the Open University.

Children’s Services employees – We are looking for enthusiastic and highly motivated social care staff already employed in Children’s Services (including Integrated Children’s Services).

Adult Services employees – We are looking for enthusiastic and highly motivated social care staff already employed in Adult/People Services.

To find out more, there will also be an information day on Monday 12 May, at Great Moor House. Details are in the above links

Targeted Family Support

2014 will be an important year for the programme in Devon. We intend to start work with all of our target of 1370 families. We are making good progress, but there is still work to do. Read more in the newsletter (found under more info)