Keeping Devon’s children safe – January 2016 update

Key management messages

Dear colleague,

Mark Gurrey

Welcome to Mark Gurrey (pictured left),  the new Independent Chair for our Devon Safeguarding Children Board (DSCB).

Since qualifying as a social worker in 1981, Mark Gurrey initially worked in London (Haringey, Newham and Hackney) before his first Assistant Director post in Thurrock. After a spell as a Deputy Director in Barnet, he started as an interim manager specialising in authorities in intervention – Haringey (after baby Peter), Birmingham, Kent and Doncaster. He was also Chair of Wiltshire’s Safeguarding Improvement Board. He has an informed sense of the systemic approach needed to keep children safe which will form the basis of his work in this county. More than anything, he is committed to ensuring that the work of DSCB makes a difference to those practitioners on the front line whose jobs it is to keep children safe and he will challenge and support partner organisations to that end.

David Taylor

We wish a fond farewell to David Taylor. David has been the Independent Chair of the Devon Safeguarding Children Board since 2013, and in his time as Chair has overseen great improvements in the way we work together to safeguard children and young people. David has encouraged more open discussion and improved multi-agency working in a period of intense challenge and change, and leaves us in a much better place than when he arrived. We are sincerely grateful for his efforts and wish him luck and best wishes for his future.

Best wishes, Jennie and James


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Children's Alliance

Identifying ways to support children with disabilities – Residential Provider Event

What are the challenges for providers to deliver quality provision in each area?

Providers of residential services for children with disabilities from across the South West Peninsula were invited to a provider event, in December, to look at improving services for children and young people. They were asked to identify ways that the information from the day would help them to support children and young people in their homes, read some of the ideas suggested.

Stand Up Speak Up

Care leavers help to improve Early Help working practice

Sam Heaton, Participation Apprentice, Children’s Social Work & Child Protection, along with three other young people delivered a presentation to the Early Help Group to make better work practice within their job roles.

Sam says: “To keep children and young people safe with any of the issues going on in a family one of the most important things that needs to be done is sitting down and talking to the child. Even if the child doesn’t/can’t talk to you, if you look out for body language and how they present themselves that should tell enough about how life is for them with what is going on in their life.” Read the article in full.

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Newsletter Live: February and March

There are still places available for the Newsletter Live sessions during February and March. Please can staff ensure they book onto one of these sessions and can managers check that representatives from each team are in attendance and are willing to feedback information in team meetings. Find out more.

And we welcome any feedback in regard to future development needs.


Devon Social Care Academy update

Attachment and Relationship Based Practice: A special update was provided to all staff in the December KDCS bulletin.  Encourage people to review and read.

Newsletter Live: New dates in Feb/ March theme is CSE and unconscious bias. (See article above)

ASYEs: A new cohort to started on 11 January.  A further cohort will start in April 2016.

Mind the Gap Research: Focus groups to run with NQSWs to examine what gap exists between social work degree programme and the realities of statutory children’s social work.

Evidence Informed Practice Provision: We will be retendering for RiP and CareKnowledge type services.  New service will start in May.  Anyone interested in feeding into the specification to get in touch.

Attendance and course changes: Continues to be a major issue, the majority of staff  don’t give adequate notice of not being able to attend in order for the place to be reallocated.  Issues with the online booking systems functionality mean manager oversight of cancellations is difficult and the academy team do not have ‘easy’ access to line manager information.

 And don’t forget the Academy website

Attachment and Relationship Based Practice SharePoint site

New SharePoint site to support practice development and collaboration for Attachment and Relationship Based Practice  The site contains:

  • Film refreshers from David Shemmings (please think of colleagues when viewing in the office – headphones are recommended)
  •  A list of web based resources – YouTube clips, online guidance
  • Local practice examples
  •  A discussion board where you can post questions and queries


To access the site follow this link:

You’ll initially be presented with the Microsoft ‘Office365’ sign-on screen. Simply identify yourself by entering your full email address where indicated (e.g. ‘’). You do not need to enter a password.

We will be developing the overall site to host more practice development materials and welcome any comments or feedback.

Children’s Way We Work Group

Do you have any thoughts on how the way we work could be improved?  If so, please email the Children’s Way We Work mailbox with your suggestions:

January 2016

Important updates

HP Records Manager (formerly known as TRIM) user guidance

A reminder to use the Children’s Social Care and HPRM guidance page on on the Source. On it you will find instructions on how to access the e-learning module, the HPRM User Quick Guide, (designed to be printed off for reference), and a collection of other manuals and guides which will be updated where necessary.

For assistance, please contact your local Business Support.

For comments and suggestions on guidance content – not for system user guidance itself – please contact  Information Governance.

Case closures

Updates have been made to the case closure process, full details are here.

Team Managers: A W2 Closure Record Form must be used in all cases. The W2 Closure Record Form will be added to CareFirst. Read guidance.

Paper client file tracking

Following the visit by the Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO) in 2014, areas where data security could be improved were highlighted. This included knowing precisely where social care paper files were held or stored at any time. The list of all our paper file store locations was incomplete, some client service groups were not represented at all, and some data in Care First was either missing or inaccurate.  Read guidance.

Placement Request Form (K1) – update

We need your help!  If you are interested in testing the new Placement Request form (K1) for CareFirst – please contact Lance Feldman or Vinnie Grist on or

This is your opportunity to improve outcomes for children and young people by improving placement request information.  Let Lance or Vinnie have your expression of interest by Friday 5 February 2016.

Do you want to know more about adoption?

Do you have an adoption case?

The Adoption Team is running training workshops especially designed for new Children’s Social Workers, ASYE and newly qualified/appointed social workers. Book now!

Resources and Publications


The Devon Children and Families Procedures Manual has been updated

It can be accessed via this Tri.x link.

You can register to be alerted for updates.

CareSecure process

The new process for requesting CareFirst records to be ‘locked down’ via CareSecure went live in October. Please ensure you familiarise yourself with the practice guidance for raising a CareSecure request, which is located on Tri.X.

Find out more information.


SCIE’s Mental Capacity Act (MCA) Directory

The MCA Directory helps to raise awareness about the MCA, including the Deprivation of Liberty Safeguards. You will find useful information and various tools to help understand or implement it.  There is material here for people who may be subject to the Act’s provisions, and for professionals from a range of backgrounds.

Modern Slavery

Modern Slavery 2016

It’s closer than you think

Informative films will be shown on the hour, every hour on Monday 22 February and Monday 7 March in the Coaver Conference room, County Hall. View poster

Virtual School meetings and website

Virtual school website with contact names and numbers.


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