Keeping Devon’s children safe – February 2015 update

February child protection and social work Ofsted updates,  Peer Review, Newsletter Live, Way We Work group updates, Lean Review, CareFirst, and much more

Back copies of staff bulletins:


Key management messages

Dear colleague

As you know, Ofsted inspectors are with us undertaking a four week unannounced inspection of the whole of our children’s services. This will include child protection, fostering and adoption, Integrated Children’s Services (ICS) and the Devon Safeguarding Children Board (DSCB).

Thanks to everyone who has already met with the inspectors and to all of you who will be involved in the next few weeks – this is undoubtedly a stretching time but one which will allow us to demonstrate  the work we do for children and  young people, and how far we have come on our improvement journey.

You can refer to my Ofsted Inspection updates on the archive web page.

The first block of Newsletter Live sessions has now completed. People found them a valuable opportunity to refresh knowledge, reflect on practice issues and network with colleagues.

Thank you for your enthusiasm and interest. We are currently collating the answers to the questions that were raised in the sessions and will let you have the response as soon as we are able.


Important – change to the Threshold Tool

As part of the Ofsted inspection of children’s services, it has been brought to our attention that there is an error in the existing Devon Safeguarding Children Board (DSCB) Threshold Tool on the website and also on hard versions.

Please be aware of this important change and ensure relevant colleagues are informed. You can download the updated version of the Threshold Tool from the DSCB website.

New and revised hard copies of the Threshold Tool are in the process of being printed and will be available from the DSCB soon.

Ray Jones

Update from Children’s Safeguarding Improvement Board (CIB)

Independent Chair, Professor Ray Jones, noted that Devon is continuing to make good progress, with sustained improvements in most areas.

This month’s update includes:

  • caseloads and plans
  • Department for Education visit to Devon Adoption
  • service updates
  • GP involvement
  • engaging with agencies and partners.

Professor David Shemmings

ADAM conference

We launched the Assessment of Disorganised Attachment and Maltreatment (ADAM) project in February at Exeter Racecourse, with Professor David Shemmings (pictured).

Find out what the project is focusing on.

ADAM conference

Join Phil and the Café Conversation

You are invited to informal drop-in sessions will provide a great opportunity to discuss the way that Devon and the County Council is changing, offer your ideas and find out how you can shape the future, with our Chief Executive, Phil Norrey. Coming to your area soon

Phil Norrey


HR update – Manager Briefing: Recruitment

Providing a monthly update on performance, workforce development and recruitment activity to share with social work teams.

HR One contact list

There is one telephone number 01392 383000 for all of the teams that support our customers. And we have provided a list of the teams and their responsibilities to clarify who to ask for when prompted by the automated message.