Keeping Devon’s children safe – August 2016 update

Key management messages

Dear colleague,

Domestic Abuse is the new deep-dive theme for the Joint Targets Area Inspection

In February 2016 a new inspection framework – the Joint Targeted Area Inspection (JTAI) framework – was launched and inspections are now under way.

The inspections have a specific ‘deep dive’ focus which will change every six months. From September 2016 onwards the theme will be Domestic Abuse. The first ‘deep dive’ theme which ran from February to July 2016 was child sexual exploitation and children missing from home, care and education. A thematic overview report pulling together the key learning in relation to the CSE will be published in August.

Staff Directory

A big thank you to everybody who has completed or updated their entry over the last few weeks following previous communications – the number of full entries has more than doubled. Please could you now take a minute or two and update your Staff Directory entry again as soon as possible – including agency staff – to add one of the new service unit options which more accurately reflect the current organisational structure – follow the steps below :

  • Log onto the Staff Directory via the EDIT YOUR DETAILS button using your desktop user name and password
  • Select your SERVICE – Children’s social work and child protection
  • Choose the relevant SERVICE UNIT from the list provided.

Your co-operation is appreciated.

Kind regards, Jennie and James

Jo Olsson’s update

This month has been characterised by recognition of the amazing job social workers do.

And this month, thanks to actions by all of you, we arrested the budget pressure. We are by no means out of the woods, this year and the next few years will continue to be very tough for us. Find out more from Jo.

Improving our services to care leavers through the New Belongings Project

Sophie Ellis, Participation Team Manager from Children’s Social Work and Child Protection and Beth Wakefield, Participation Apprentice (who was formerly in care in Devon) spoke at City Hall in London to showcase their work as part of the New Belongings Project, which has been working with local authorities to improve outcomes for care leavers.

Find out how it went, our aims as a local authority, and our progress embracing the care leaver apprentices.

Congratulations – we have received more MOMO statements than ever!

As you know, the free Mind of My Own – MOMO app helps young people to express their views to their care team. Whether they are in care, or not, they can use it to prepare for meetings, request a change to their care or to ask for a problem to be sorted.

In the last month, our Children’s Services team has received more MOMO statements than any other month so far.

Congratulations everyone.

Booking an audio conference?

Following on from a recent security incident, the audio conferencing Source page has recently been updated to include details of how to book an audio conference where there is a need to discuss sensitive or confidential information, whether about children’s social care or otherwise.

There are also some hints and tips about how to protect personal data and make that type of discussion more secure. Please contact ICT with any queries about how the technology works.

Data Protection E Learning

It is vital that all employees understand their obligations under the Data Protection Act when handling personal data. It is a requirement that everybody completes the Council’s Data Protection E- learning module if they have not done so already. Line managers are responsible for ensuring that any new starters complete the module as soon as possible. Evidence of completing this training is a requirement when making an application for a secure – GCSX – email account. Queries about the content only should be sent to the Information Governance Team.

Information Sharing

The Information Governance Team has published a large amount of information about effective information sharing on the public website. This is based on government guidance and includes checklists you can follow to help you decide when and how to share sensitive information. Please contact the team for further advice.

HP Records Manager E learning

You are reminded that there is an HP RM (was TRIM) e learning module available which you can access to refresh your memory about key features at any time.  Remember: you can view client records in HP RM via the Records Manager Documents button in CareFirst.

Reminder: Take time over the summer to keep yourself up-to-date

Keeping your information accurate and informative helps both you, your team, your colleagues and our organisation. Your co-operation is appreciated.

August 2016

Important updates

Care Leavers – enhanced service provision through better data collection

In order to improve our services to young people and adults that have Care Leavers status, changes have been made to the CareFirst:

  • B4 Casework Visit form
  • D4 Statutory CP/CIN/In Touch Visit form; and the
  • C4 Private Fostering Visit form.

Tri.x – Devon’s Children and Families procedure manual – update

We encourage all social care staff to take a moment to look at the site which contains policy and guidance on all aspects of children’s social care and includes useful links to back up your practice with research.

And don’t forget you can register for updates like their latest newsletters too.

Serious Case Reviews website

Research in Practice, working with the research teams at UEA and Warwick University, has launched a new open access website – Serious Case Reviews – to support the application of learning in practice from Pathways to harm, pathways to protection: a triennial analysis of serious case reviews 2011-2014. Published by the Department for Education.

Resources and Publications

Attachment Based Mentoring: Free Training and Supervision for school-based professionals

The Educational Psychology Service and the Behaviour Support Service have developed a model of mentoring which is particularly appropriate for children in care.

The free training is open to all primary and secondary school-based professionals.

Working with parents with a learning disability

Plymouth Parent Advocacy Project is offering unlimited places on its free training (one-day learning opportunity). The day aims to identify best practice when engaging and communicating with parents with a learning disability.

Events and courses from the Devon Safeguarding Children Board

See the training courses.

If you know anyone who would like to be added to the mailing list please ask them to register on the DSCB website.

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