Keeping Devon’s children safe – April 2015 update

Our Pledge, MOMO, CWWWG and Lean Review updates, Working Together to Safeguard children (2015) and much more.

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Keeping Devon’s Children Safe – April 2015

Keeping Devon's Children Safe

Key management messages

Dear colleague

In September 2014 members of the Devon Children in Care Council reviewed ‘Our Pledge’ to Children in Care and presented this to officers and the Lead Member at the Corporate Parenting Forum in October 2014. During half term in February 2015 a group of children in care participated in a graffiti workshop where they designed a new logo and promotional material to promote the Pledge and the promises contained within it.

Our Pledge to Children in Care is our 15 promises setting out what children and young people in care can expect from their corporate parents

Please look out for the new poster throughout our buildings and on the council website as a visible reminder of the Corporate Parenting promise.

And, just to remind you, that the final Ofsted report will be published on 12 May 2015, following our recent inspection, and we will keep you informed of the outcome.


Newsletter Live – have you booked a place yet?

Reminder to all social care staff  to book your place on Newsletter Live – our programme of essential half day training. The May/ June sessions will focus on The Mental Capacity Act; Deprivation of Liberty Safeguards; The Care Act and its implications for children’s social care.

14 sessions will be held across the county during May and June, find out how to book.

Working Together to Safeguard children (2015)

View the presentation summary of the revisions made, including the headlines. The four new and revised pieces of child protection advice and guidance are:

The chapters can be accessed on the website.


MOMO app training – an advocate in your pocket

MOMO helps young people to express their views to their care team. Whether they are in care, or not, they can use it to prepare for meetings, request a change to their care or to ask for a problem to be sorted.

Training on how to use this app is coming soon to teams. It is crucial to your role that you understand how this app works so that you can support children and carers in accessing the app, explaining how it works and ensuring young people are able to contribute their views.

Vulnerable Children’s Panel

A new ‘Vulnerable Children’s Panel’ has been developed. Find out more, including the Terms of Reference and referral form example.

The Virtual School

The Virtual School update

All children and young people in the care of Devon Local Authority and those in the care of other authorities who are living and attending schools in Devon belong to The Virtual School as well as their mainstream school, wherever they are placed.

Find out more with our update for children’s social workers.


HR update – Manager Briefing: Recruitment

Providing a monthly update on performance and recruitment activity to share with social work teams.

April 2015

Important updates

Senior Manager Restructure

Fiona Fitzpatrick, Interim Head of Children’s Social Work Service and Child Protection, is pleased to announce the senior manager appointments. They will take effect from 1 May 2015.

Way We Work Group

Lean Review update

The Lean Review implementation project continues to involve colleagues to focus on improvements:

Children’s Way We Work Group

The CWWWG web pages have now been updated and include links to process maps including the recently added adoption and fostering maps.

The OU

Train to become a social worker

Social work traineeship opportunity for children’s services employees. (Includes an introduction session on 29 April).

Resources and Publications

Letter from Government offfices

When to share personal information

Following the Government’s response to the sexual exploitation in Rotherham, please read this joint letter from the DH, Home office, Dept for Communities and Local Govt and the Ministry of Justice setting out how and when personal information should be shared.

Child neglect webinar

Free webinar on Child neglect – how to gather and present your evidence on Tuesday 28 April – with Joanna Nicolas from Community Care. Register here


Health and Care Professions Council newsletter

The latest issue of HCPC in Focus aims to keep you informed about important issues such as: government legislation, conferences, key decisions made by our Council, FTP case studies, CPD, dates for your diary and much more. Previous issues.

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