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Our commitment to improving child protection in Devon

All the partners on the Devon Safeguarding Children Board are committed to make sure all the people who work with children in Devon have the protection of vulnerable children and young people at the heart of what they do, and have been taking steps to improve the way we do this. Following on from the recent Ofsted inspection of our arrangements for child protection in April 2013, we have produced a plan to increase the pace of improvement, and to put into place some of the comments Ofsted made.

Ofsted acknowledged that there was some good work taking place around the county in keeping children safe, but that there were some areas that needed to be consistent with the rest.

Our aim is to ensure our Child Protection practices and procedures are good, and that staff in every agency, at every level, know what they need to do to keep children protected, and communicate effectively to ensure this happens.

Our priorities:

  • Making improvements to outcomes for children and young people who may be at risk of abuse or harm, and for those we look after
  • Making improvements to the way we work, to ensure children and young people are safe, and families receive high quality support
  • Monitoring and evaluating our work and making sure it is done consistently and in a co-ordinated way
  • Providing help for children, young people and families at an early stage before a crisis arises, to enable them to continue to use mainstream services wherever possible
  • Work with our partners across all the agencies to ensure children are better protected and given the right support when they need it.Our commitment to improving child protection in Devon