Get set to have your say in North Devon BMX track consultation

Posted on: 6 November 2018

A consultation has just started to find out how popular a new BMX track would be in North Devon.

North Devon Council is carrying out the consultation to find out whether residents would like to see a new BMX track in Braunton. As part of the consultation the council would like to know how often residents would use it and whether it should be used for competitions or just for fun.

The consultation is being carried out following a community led campaign for a BMX track in Braunton which was launched several years ago.

Lead Member for Parks Leisure and Culture, Councillor Dick Jones, says: “ We have been approached to take on some land and project manage the construction of a new BMX track in Braunton, this public consultation is a vital first step in this potential project for us.

“As a starting point we need to find out the level of demand for a new BMX track in North Devon and how our keen BMX riders would want to use it – we want to make sure any new facility provided is wanted by local residents and meets their needs. To help us do this and make sure we get it right, we need to gather as much feedback as we can through the consultation. A lot of hardwork has already gone into this project by the local community so I encourage as many people as possible to come forward and have their say – we can’t do it without you.”

Local ward member for Heanton Punchardon, Councillor Andrea Davis, says: “This is an opportunity for residents to say if they would like to use and help run a BMX track in the area. I would urge people to express their view so an informed decision can be made by North Devon Council.”

Planning permission was granted in April 2015 for a BMX track in Velator, Braunton as part of an application for 16 houses (58119) at the new Park View development. If a need is identified through the consultation Section 106* contributions have also been identified to fund the scheme.

The consultation starts today (Tuesday 6 November) and is open until Friday 7 December. Residents can find out more and have their say online.

*Section 106 (S106) is money paid to the council by developers as part of the planning conditions of planning applications. The money can only be used for certain things, but is used primarily for public open space projects.

27 comments on “Get set to have your say in North Devon BMX track consultation

  1. Keira says:

    I agree with the above comment that a swimming pool on the site would be far better for the village and its ever growing population. Yes, there are swimming pools in Ilfracombe and Barnstaple, but they are not easy for everyone to get to. An openair pool that’s heated all year round and could be walked to by villagers would be a huge asset to the village and used not only by a few youngsters but by everyone in our community. The old, the young, the able, the less able, pregnant mothers, swimming lessons, surf lifesaving clubs, local schools, etc. I really don’t understand why a community the size of Braunton doesn’t have its own pool. We visited Buckfastleigh in the summer, a Devon village with half the population of Braunton, and it has the most amazing openair pool, skatepark and adventure playground for kids of all ages – It would be amazing to have a set-up like that in Braunton and not simply a BMX track which would be great, but only for a very small section of the greater community.

  2. Keda Johnstone says:

    YES we need it! I am a little perplexed as to why this is being asked – I thought we’d already been through the consultation process and it had been approved? We need more facilities for everyone, this could be a brilliant draw for Braunton. We also need a swimming pool – absolutely right – but it’s not an either/or. Braunton is easily big enough and should have both. I’m frequently amazed at villages/towns smaller than Braunton across the country which have way better facilities.

  3. Mim says:

    A BMX track would be an amazing asset to Braunton and the surrounding area. It will encourage kids and adults to be active and healthy. It will give the youth of braunton somewhere where they can spend their time in a positive way.

  4. David says:

    A BMX track was promised years ago and it should be built. This sport has a huge following and teaches young people to mix with others, build lasting friendships and respect for others.
    Your nearest swimming pool is about 5 miles away served by one of the best bus services in the country. How inconvenient that you can’t jus walk there.

  5. Lara says:

    Nice idea but build it somewhere else. There is no parking for such a facility nor appropriate acesss and the green space has already been wrecked enough by the new houses built there.

  6. Rebecca says:

    A BMX track in Braunton will be brilliant for the local kids and adults to have somewhere to ride. BMX is a fantastic sport for all ages. People who travel into Braunton to use the track will most likely visit the local shops and facilities in the village too!

  7. Chris marston says:

    This would be a great asset to the village, keeping young people fit, off the streets, somewhere to socialise and take part in sport. What’s not to like!

  8. K Major says:

    Has anyone considered going to ask young people in Braunton their opinion? They are highly unlikely to find out about a Council run consultation advertised in newspapers. We have three local primary schools and a secondary school – prime audiences.
    This has all been done before – the survey results are predicatable. It’s just another delaying tactic by those in charge so they can pretend to be interested in providing for young people. Council’s idea of providing for young people in Braunton are swings and slides.

  9. Cath Barker says:

    It’s a no-brainer, Braunton needs a bigger and better space for the kids to meet up and hang out and BMX is very popular. I agree with the other comments about maybe making it a more general skatepark and it would be a shame if it was imited to competitions only. I have 2 children who would use it after school and at weekends. I can understand concerns from local residents, but it has to go somewhere and planning was granted so what’s stopping it!!!

  10. Louise Verrall says:

    Without provision for parking AT the site chaos will be caused by people parking in nearby roads. The school is not close enough that people would use it even IF they did agree.
    The land should be left as part of the wildlife area to be used for education by the local schools.

  11. dean says:

    The proposed track is in completely the wrong place, there is little or no parking and although I understand club members will cycle to the facility when there is a competition local streets with limited parking will be overwhelmed. I understand the club say there will be parking at the school but equally the school say there wont.
    My main concern however is for the local residents. The track will be within a few yards of the old peoples bungalows. The club has said in the past that the track will be open to all but also said that if attracts anti social behavior they will fence it off so there will be little community benefit

  12. Nick says:

    This needs to be built elsewhere. Too much traffic, too many houses, too much green space being lost to urban development in the Braunton area. There are plenty of areas outside of the village, soon enough there will be no green space between Braunton and Chivenor. Have a BMX track, an extreme sport, not as popular as people may think, but build it were it is not an eyesore and will undoubtedly cause upset for many residents and create even more congestion.

  13. Lorna says:

    The population of Braunton is growing with large numbers of young people.At present options for activities have many yong people making the 5 mile drive/ ride into Barnstaple. The park in Braunton is for toddlers and young children. Other than the tiny scateboard park which becomes rammed if there is more than a handful of kids in there, there isnt much.
    There a large numbers of kids on bikes and a bike park would take them off the streets and provide a space for them. Its really is needed and would be an assett to the village

  14. M Breeds says:

    This land should be retained as a good habitat for marsh wildlife – it has a rich assemblage of wetland plants, amphibians such as frogs and is frequented by birds such as snipe. The houses have been built on the slightly drier & less interesting part of the site but the remaining area is an important wildlife corridor between Braunton & Wrafton.

  15. Julie says:

    My son has been riding BMX for the past 7 years and loves it. He was a member of Braunton BMX club but unfortunately had to move to Bideford club as training on a playground just wasn’t enough when he started competing. He has travelled all over the country and has made lots of friends. I believe something like this in Braunton would be great for the kids and help keep a lot of them out of trouble!

  16. Richard Starling says:

    Please, please, just build it. Original permission was based upon a clear and numerous interest, and this remains…..only quietened by the slowdown progress. Young folk of Braunton have waited far too long for a place at which they can gather with a sporting purpose (ref Ilfracombe’s skate park for an idea of popularity). The infrastructure is ready, as are the BMX talented young folk. This is an opportunity to bring more competitive, regional sport into North Devon, like the events at Braunton’s Athletics track.

  17. Ben Scanlan says:

    Yes! We have been waiting for this to be built for years now. It would be a great asset to Braunton’s community and provide an excellent sport and leisure facility for children and young people especially.

    Perhaps it could be considered to build the track as a ‘pump track’ with the inclusion of a skate park and surrounding parkland rather than a competition-standard bmx track so that it can be used for leisure purposes to suit a wider range of abilities, bikes and sports.

  18. Michelle says:

    A BMX track would be amazing for the village. The children need somewhere to go rather than going out of the village every time they want an out door activities
    I thought it had actually all gone though already.

  19. Paul Maddocks says:

    I bmx track is a great idea .
    It would fill a big gap in the needs of not only young local people but others who also enjoy the sport. North Devon is really lacking in such a facility so I whole heartedly approve of a track in Braunton.

  20. Lin Tinsley says:

    I can’t believe this hasn’t been done yet. I’ve lived here for 9 years and it’s been happening ‘next year’ since we arrived. This sort of facility is badly needed for young people and having something easily accessible would mean more would use it. We used to live near Bristol where there are so many facilities and clubs, here the kids can’t even get on the bus with a surfboard to get to the beach which is the cheapest and best ‘facility’ we have

  21. Holly says:

    Thank you for your comments. If you haven’t already, please do take part in our online consultation.

  22. Ron chapple says:

    Thought this was going to be built as part of new housing .this has been on the cards for years and is needed for the youngsters of both braunton and barnstaple as would be an asset to them

  23. Tracy says:

    Myself and my daughter have been riding bmx for the last 5 years and originally were members of Braunton Bmx club – this is a much needed facility for us and the population of Braunton and surrounding areas as the nearest track is Bideford. It would only need to hold one competitive race a year as part of the South West region but would be used for training and practice throughout the week.

  24. Clare janes says:

    No no no no no

    Should of been a swimming pool for us rather then a bmx track! Would be nice to actually walk somewhere and use a pool rather then trying to find a pool that’s actually good enough!

    • Rich M says:

      Go to Barnstaple! I’ve lived all over the U.K. and europe and i’ve been hard pressed to find a pool as good as the leisure centre.

    • David says:

      A BMX track was promised years ago and it should be built. This sport has a huge following and teaches young people to mix with others, build lasting friendships and respect for others.
      Your nearest swimming pool is about 5 miles away served by one of the best bus services in the country. How inconvenient that you can’t jus walk there.

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