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Posted on: 30 April 2018

Progress is being made with the emerging North Devon and Torridge Local Plan now ready to be considered when determining planning applications across northern Devon.

From today (Monday 30 April 2018) planning applications submitted to North Devon Council and Torridge District Council will be considered against relevant policies in the emerging North Devon and Torridge Local Plan, as well as the current adopted local plans for each district. The weight applied to the policies will vary depending on whether the policy has been subject to a substantial change during the examination process.

Comments and representations received during the recent consultation have now been sent to the Planning Inspectorate for consideration. The next step is for the appointed Planning Inspector to produce a final report for the councils based on her findings, setting out any changes needed so that the plan can be adopted. The plan is expected to be adopted later this year.

Lead Member for the Local Plan at North Devon Council, Councillor Jeremy Yabsley, says: “It’s great news for all involved that the plan has reached such an advanced stage of preparation that it may now be considered when determining panning applications. I would like to thank everyone who has played a part in its development over the years – the hard work is finally starting to pay off. I hope it won’t be long until we are able to formally adopt the plan.”

Lead Member for Planning at Torridge District Council, Councillor Pete Watson, says: “The anticipation is that the joint local plan will shortly be adopted, subject to receipt of the Inspector’s report, and ahead of which it will start to carry weight in the panning decisions taken by both councils. This has been a complex and time consuming piece of work to undertake but a great example of joint collaboration between our two councils and of course our residents who contributed to its preparation. It will ensure that development in the area is appropriately managed for many years to come.”

The emerging local plan sets out how North Devon and Torridge will develop up to 2031, showing what development the area needs and where it might be located during this time. It is the first local plan prepared jointly by officers and councillors from both councils covering both districts.

Further information about the weight being given to policies in the emerging plan can be found on the council websites:

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2 comments on “Progress for the North Devon and Torridge Local Plan

  1. Dr C J Perry says:

    Good news.

    Now let us hope that the Plan is fully respected in relation to planning applications — for example, 65062 which is still pending a decision having been rejected on policy grounds a year ago. The application is entirely contrary to polices in both the old and the new Local Plan, so the delay is of concern to those potentially affected.

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