Housing survey on its way for North Devon parishes


Posted on: 11 September 2017

Properties in Parracombe, Martinhoe, Kentisbury and Trentishoe are set to receive a survey to find out about housing in the parish.

The survey aims to find out the current and future housing requirements of residents and the mix of housing types in the areas. Devon Rural Housing Partnership (DRHP) is sending out the survey on behalf of North Devon Council and the parish councils for the areas being surveyed.

Information gathered in the survey will help produce a report which can be used in the future when making decisions about housing in the four parishes.

Executive Member for Housing at North Devon Council, Councillor Brian Moores, says: “As part of the DRHP the council aims to support rural communities development in a way that best suits it and the local people. It’s really important that as many residents as possible complete the survey so that we can get a good understanding of the housing need of residents in these parishes to cater for them now and in the future. This could be by enabling more affordable housing for locals. Anyone with a local connection to the four parishes is urged to complete the survey. If you know of anyone who has moved away, but wishes to return to these parishes who holds a local connection please let them know about it.”

Rural Housing Enabler for DRHP, Sue Southwell says : “We look forward to working with these communities and understanding what local people want and need.”

The survey will be arriving on doorsteps from Wednesday 13 September 2017. Residents of the properties have until 13 October 2017 to return them to Devon Rural Housing Partnership.

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