Missed recycling update from North Devon Council

Posted on: 21 June 2017

North Devon Council is apologising to a number of residents that have been affected by missed recycling collections over the last few weeks.

The issue has arisen due to the unprecedented amount of food waste that is being collected since the introduction of kerbside food recycling earlier this month.

The council estimated how much food waste would be put out based on the experience of what other councils had collected.  North Devon’s collections have exceeded all expectations, with 80 tonnes – which amounts to 32 skips – collected in the first fortnight.

Although this is good news as a lot less is going to landfill, it has unfortunately significantly slowed down collections, leaving some rounds unfinished.

In the short term, the council will be putting extra resources into collecting what has been missed, including the possibility of working into the evenings. The council is also working to resolve the longer term issues to ensure these problems do not reoccur.

NDC Lead Member for the Environment Cllr Rodney Cann says: “We really want to thank the public for their continued commitment to recycling more of their waste. We have collected around 80 tonnes of food waste in the first two weeks of the new service which was far more than we were anticipating. We are truly sorry that we have let our customers down by not collecting their recycling and would ask them to bear with us whilst we sort out our logistical problems. We hope to be back on track within a few weeks but in the meantime we will continue to put in extra resources to get the collections completed.”

The Recycle More project was launched on 5 June and aims to get North Devon recycling over 50% of its rubbish by 2020.

13 comments on “Missed recycling update from North Devon Council

  1. Philip Harris says:

    Lets be honest , the guys are working to rule because they dont want to empty the silly little buckets of slops and who can blame them.
    I just want my rubbish collected..its what I pay for !

  2. Philip Harris says:

    Recycling has come to a full stop here, just outside South Molton, for over 4 WEEKS without the courtesy of an explanation.
    What if I were not to pay my council tax in the same way.
    If I dont do my job I DONT GET PAID.

    This situation is not acceptable, who is responsible ?

  3. paul holmed says:

    There has been no collection of Food Waste from Church Street in Chulmleigh since 19th July. It seems you sent a large lorry instead of the usual small one and the driver could not get down the street.
    Chulmleigh is an ancient town and has lots of narrow streets – this seems to have been forgotten in the new scheme.
    Rats have been since just yards away – please don’t leave food to rot away like this.

  4. Ian robinson says:

    Second tume in 3 weeks my food waste has not been collecred, and then when they do they have the cheek to complain about it being not wrapped to there satisfaction. If they miss again i will have to start putting it into the bin as normal. Its a joke that i have to keep rotting food in my flat becouse they are too lazy

    • Mair says:

      Sorry to hear you are having problems with your food waste collections. Please line your caddies with special compostable caddy liners (7 litre or 23 litre), which you can buy from the supermarket. This helps contain the food waste and is more hygienic for you and our recycling crews. Alternatively wrap your food waste in a sheet of newspaper or kitchen roll. Please do not use plastic bags. If the problem persists please report it to us on 01271 374776, email customerservices@northdevon.gov.uk or complete our online form to make a complaint. We would really like you to continue to recycle your food waste and hope this information helps.

  5. Ian Bateman says:

    The unexpected quantity of food seems to be the tip of the iceberg! The outer fringes of our small village have not had a recycling collection since the new system started because the new routes do not include them. It appears that whoever was involved in planning the new system and drawing up the contracts did not consult the original collection service. I have been in contact with Customer Services many times, but they can only apologise and promise collection which never happens. Meanwhile there is no sign that the situation is being resolved. I hope that the culprits are held to account (Indeed, how much is this actually costing???)

  6. Witheridge says:

    We have now passed the Fourth week without a recycling collection . Phone calls , e-mails don’t seem to get any action or response .

    • amycarr says:

      Four weeks without a recycling collection is totally unacceptable and I apologise on behalf of our Waste and Recycling department. Are you able to send us your address via private message on Facebook so that I can speak with Waste and Recycling about what is going on in your area, please?

  7. Kevin says:

    Not impressed by this new collection of kerbside recycle . don’t collect on the proper day so rubbish blows all over the street no one cleans it up seen a recycle van in our street today didn’t collect anything just drove away points out of ten zero

  8. Andre Brown says:

    It’s a shame that these “Johnny come lately” have penalized your existing customers . I think it may be the result of your letter threatening the black bag won’t be collected if any food waste is found in them. This as panicked people, hence the overload. Ironically when we inquired when our food waste would be collected was told by your staff to put it in the black bag for general rubbish collection. Hopefully normal service will be resumed as soon as possible. Regards Andre Brown.

  9. Kev maddock says:

    Just wandering when your get around to verona court .

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