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Posted on: 5 June 2017

The changes North Devon Council is making to its waste and recycling service start this week (5 June).

The council has introduced a number of changes, including a garden waste collection service for an annual fee of £36, a weekly food waste collection service, and a trial of an improved recycling service as well as three-weekly bin collections in a small area of the district (about 3,400 properties).

Only households who have paid the £36 per bin fee will now receive a garden waste collection service. If you would like to sign up it’s not too late; you can register and pay online or by phone with a debit or credit card, or pay by cheque in person at one of the council’s offices. Cash payments can also be made at Lynton House, Barnstaple.

Kerbside caddies containing a helpful ‘What goes where’ guide have been delivered to all eligible homes in the district, ready for the weekly food waste collections service. From now on food waste will be emptied at the kerbside alongside recycling boxes and bags. This means that food waste should be placed in your kitchen and kerbside caddies rather than the black or green bins.

Head of Operational Services, Ricky McCormack, says: “We are making some major changes to our waste and recycling service, and we would like all residents in the district to work with us to ensure we all recycle more and send less waste to landfill. All eligible homes should now have received a new kerbside caddy, which means an improved food waste service for all. Only those households that have signed up and paid for our garden waste collection service will now have their green wheelie bins emptied. It’s not too late to register; you can still pay online, over the phone or in person, whatever suits you. We are also now recycling more than ever before, so the amount of waste everybody puts into their black bins should be reducing. If we all take responsibility for what we throw away and what we recycle, North Devon will be better for it.”

In the trial area, five new Recycling Advisors are working with residents to assist them with the changes. They are arranging road shows and other events in which they will offer advice about recycling and how to cut down on household waste. If you are in the three-weekly trial area, you will have already received correspondence from the council.

If you have any queries about the changes, get in touch with the council on 01271 388360 or email For all the latest news and information, follow the council on Facebook and Twitter, or go online to

2 comments on “Service changes have started

  1. Holly says:

    Hi, thank you for contacting us.

    If you have any concerns about bonfires there is information on our website as well as a link for reporting it to us.

    There is also lots of information and ideas about alternatives if residents don’t want to sign up to the new green waste collection service available on our website.

  2. Deborah Burnside says:

    My worry about implementing charges for green wheelies is that the amount of bonfires will increase. Some will choose to burn garden waste rather than pay for it’s disposal. In addition is this not a tax on gardens?

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