Kerbside caddies to be delivered ahead of weekly food waste collection service

Caddies ready for delivery

Posted on: 10 May 2017

North Devon Council will soon be introducing a weekly food waste collection service to all homes in the district, alongside a number of other changes to its waste and recycling service.

From 5 June the council will start collecting food waste from the kerbside, alongside weekly recycling boxes and bags.

As part of the new service, householders will no longer be able to put food waste in their green and black wheelie bins. Instead the council will be delivering a new food waste container, called a kerbside caddy to all homes in the district before the service is rolled out. Residents can throw all raw and cooked food waste – including peelings, egg shells and even bones – in the caddies, wrapped in compostable bags or newspaper. Delivery of the caddies begins on 15 May and will continue throughout May.

Head of Operational Services, Mr Ricky McCormack says: “It is vitally important that we reduce the amount of waste going to landfill and start to recycle more. The introduction of our weekly food waste service will help achieve this, because when residents start using the kerbside caddy for food waste they will have less waste to put in their black bins. This service improvement also means that black bins will contain less putrid waste, and that is what causes them to smell. Residents should look out for the arrival of their new kerbside caddy, being delivered to homes during May.”

This change comes alongside a number of other changes to the council’s waste and recycling service, starting on 5 June. This includes a trial of an unlimited recycling and cardboard collection service in a small area of the district, where black bins will be emptied every three weeks rather than fortnightly. Homes in this area will be contacted directly by the council, and will be given a team of recycling advisors, who can offer advice and assistance to residents where required. The council is also introducing a chargeable garden waste collection service as free collections end.

More information on the changes to the council’s waste and recycling service are on its website Residents can sign up and pay for the garden waste collection service online or by calling 01271 388360.

8 comments on “Kerbside caddies to be delivered ahead of weekly food waste collection service

  1. Nichola Hussell says:

    If we have not signed up for the garden waste collection service, will you be collecting our redundant green wheelie bin? And if so, when will that be?

    • amycarr says:

      We understand not every household will wish to pay for our new garden waste collection service, meaning some residents may have a green wheelie bin they will no longer use for garden waste collections.

      This means we are giving householders a choice; some people may wish to keep their green wheelie bins, to give themselves the option to sign up for garden waste collections at a later date (especially as we may offer more flexible options in the future, like a one-off collection charge). Alternatively, residents can use their green wheelie bins as a water-butt, or easily convert them into a home-composter.

      If any of our residents tell us they do not wish to keep their green wheelie bin, (they can contact us on 01271 388360) we can arrange for our waste collection crews to remove these next time they are in the area (usually within three weeks).

  2. Lyn Kenny says:

    It’s good that this is happening, but we already have a food waste caddy and collection.
    As we now have two caddies, can the old one be recycled?

    • amycarr says:

      If you have two kerbside caddies and would like one taken away please call our customer services team on 01271 327711 and they will arrange for one of our recycling team to collect it. Alternatively you can take your caddy to one of our local offices.

  3. Jan Bush says:

    Please can you tell me when my new garden waste bin will be delivered I have requested and paid for it but I am going away on the 7th of June and would like to have it safe and secure before I go. Thank you

    • amycarr says:

      Good morning. You should receive your new bin permit by post within 10 days from the date you purchased it, so this will hopefully be well within the period before you go away.

  4. jo b says:

    I wish the council would stop using the term ‘free’ in reference to the current green wheelie bin collection. This is not ‘free’ it is paid for as part of the council tax.

    • amycarr says:

      Thank you for your comment. Please note that garden waste collection is a discretionary service and is not paid for by council tax, which only covers refuse collection and kerbside recycling.

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