Public meetings to be held ahead of waste and recycling trial

Posted on: 28 April 2017

North Devon Council is holding public meetings in Whiddon Valley, Bratton Fleming, Forches and Landkey, to inform residents about an upcoming waste and recycling trial in their area.

Service changes across the district – which all come into effect from 5 June – include a new weekly food waste collection together with weekly recycling, and a garden waste collection service for a small annual fee. In addition to this, an area of the district has been chosen for a trial of unlimited recycling, alongside a three-weekly rather than fortnightly black bin collection.

The public meetings are open to all trial area residents and will focus specifically on the waste and recycling trial. The meetings will take place on the following dates:

  • 8 May, Whiddon Valley St John’s Community Centre
  • 11 May, Bratton Fleming Village Hall
  • 17 May, Landkey Village Hall
  • 18 May, Forches Youth and Community Centre, Barton Road

All the meetings will begin at 7pm and finish no later than 8.30pm.
The trial covers the following areas:

  • Challacombe
  • Bratton Fleming
  • Part of Brayford
  • Arlington
  • Shirwell
  • Landkey
  • Whiddon Valley
  • Forches
  • Goodleigh
  • Stoke Rivers
  • Chelfham

Head of Operational Services, Ricky McCormack said: “We would like to take the opportunity to inform those living in the trial area about the service changes we are making from 5 June, as well as explaining the reasons behind them. It is important to the future of our district that we improve our recycling rates and reduce the amount of waste going to landfill. Following the success of similar changes by other councils around the country, we have decided to trial some changes to help us achieve these aims. It is crucial to the success of the trial that residents embrace the changes. These public meetings will give householders in the trial area the opportunity to find out more, and enable us to address any concerns by explaining what actions have been put in place.”

To assist residents with these changes the council has employed a team of Recycling Advisors who will work on the ground in the trial area, offering practical advice, support and assistance where required.

More information about the changes to waste and recycling collections and the trial are on the council’s website

2 comments on “Public meetings to be held ahead of waste and recycling trial

  1. Pete Warrington says:

    If this is a TRIAL involving the named areas how come the Sticklepath Area has recevied their kerbside caddies, all ready, is this a Big Brother moment, where the council have decided to implement it everywhere and sod what anyone has to say on the matter.
    we all ready have a vermin problem with dislodged rats from the old shaplands site and a plethora of seagulls, it’s also not uncommon to see foxes around at night. add feral cats to the mix and these bins are nothing more than a free buffet for vermin. add to that the fact that these houses are terraced with little or no external space, where do we keep them without stinking the house out. answers on the back of a stamp in crayon.

    • Mair says:

      Hello Mr Warrington, the weekly food waste collections are being rolled out district-wide, they are not a trial. From 5 June all food waste will be collected weekly alongside your other recycling. You will no longer be able to put food waste in your green or black wheelie bin. From 5 June, the green wheelie bin service will become optional, at a charge of £36 a year. Free green wheelie bin collections will stop once the new service begins. In the trial area (about 3,400 properties), as well as the weekly food waste and chargeable green bin service, residents will be offered unlimited recycling and their black wheelie bins will be collected once every three weeks instead of fortnightly. Sticklepath is not in the trial area. If you need any more information please take a look at our website

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