Latest update regarding North Devon theatres

Queen’s Theatre, Barnstaple

Posted on: 23 March 2017

Now that North Devon Council has taken the Queens Theatre and Landmark Theatre back from the administrators, there is plenty to do behind the scenes. The theatres are large, complex buildings, so there are systems to be checked, maintenance records to be examined and so on. It’ll therefore still be some time before we are in a position to open the doors to the public.

We understand that everybody is keen to know when shows will be back on, but hope they will also understand that we have only had the facilities back for 48hrs. When the incoming operator and NDC have agreed terms for the interim 12 month contract, we will hold another press conference and let the public know when the theatres are likely to be back in business. We envisage that this will be before the end of April if not sooner.

We would like to thank everyone for their support and patience to date.

2 comments on “Latest update regarding North Devon theatres

  1. Joyce Mearns says:

    Please can you put on Shakin Stevens show which was cancelled when the theatre went in to administration I waited over a year to see the show as lots of other people and was so disapointed in this show being cancelled through no fault of our own I am not so worried about about losing my money although it was a lot out of my pension I was so dissapointed not to see Shakin Stevens Please Please if you can try and get him to come and give us a show

    Thanking you in Anticipation

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