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Posted on: 16 March 2017

Local residents are being reminded to get ready to vote in the upcoming Devon County Council elections and look out for their poll cards.

From Monday 27 March (2017) North Devon Council and Torridge District Council will be sending out poll cards to local residents who are eligible to vote in the county-wide elections on Thursday 4 May.

Anyone who is aged 18 or over will be able to vote on the day, providing they are on the register of electors. Residents have until Thursday 13 April to be included in the register so that they can vote on the day.

Electoral Services Manager at North Devon Council, Judith Dark, says: “This is an opportunity to have your say about who you want representing North Devon at the county council on issues such as schools, roads and social care. We want to make sure that everyone in the area who wants to vote on election day can, so keep a look-out for your poll card.”

Senior Elections and Democratic Officer at Torridge District Council, Charlotte Gordon, says: “Everyone who is registered to vote will receive a polling card. If you don’t receive one, it may mean you’re not registered to vote and you should contact the election team to check. Registering now will allow you to take part and vote in the county and subsequent elections. It’s not too late – maybe you’ve moved house recently or moved into the area – if you’re not sure whether you’re on the register of electors, please contact us.”

If you don’t receive your poll card contact your council’s Electoral Registration team on:

More information about registering to vote and the different ways to vote including postal and absent votes, can be found on the council websites:

General information about voting and elections is also available at www.yourvotematters.co.uk

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