NDC refuse collector hailed as a hero

Charlie Harper, Cllr Rodney Cann, Dolores Harper and NDC employee Martin Kiff

Posted on: 7 March 2017

A North Devon Council recycling collector has been hailed a hero after he came to the aid of an elderly customer following a nasty fall.

Dolores Harper was putting out her recycling when she tripped down three steps, hitting her head, back and legs on the steps and the pavement. Just as the accident unfolded, the NDC recycling truck pulled up and Martin Kiff immediately jumped out of the lorry to help Mrs Harper, made her as comfortable as possible and called an ambulance.

After recovering from her fall, Mrs Harper contacted the council to see if we could identify her hero. After working out that it was Martin, staff organised for them to be reunited so she could thank him in person for coming to her rescue.

Mrs Harper says: “I just had to let the council know what excellent attention I received from the recycling team following a fall that could have been fatal. I asked the Cllr Rodney Cann if he could help to identify the member of staff for me so I could personally thank him for his kindness and exemplary service. I was delighted when the council arranged for Martin to come and visit me  – he really is my hero!”

Lead Member for the Environment Cllr Rodney Cann says: “I often hear about our staff going over and above when out on their rounds but this was truly heartwarming. Martin is a long serving and very popular member of our team and it didn’t surprise me at all when we worked out that it was him that had come to Mrs Harper’s rescue.”

Mrs Harper has now recovered from her ordeal and promises to be more careful the next time she puts her recycling out!

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