Training to respond to oil pollution emergencies is complete

Our Oil Pollution Response Team. Photographed, left to right: Tom Dempster, Adam Sheppard, Nick Dabney, Colin Lewis, Brett Sharp. Front row: Piotr Dregar

Posted on: 8 February 2017

A group of volunteers have just completed their training about how to respond to oil pollution emergencies at Ilfracombe Harbour.

The team of officers from North Devon Council completed the training this week with a practical exercise on Monday (6 February 2017). The exercise was designed so that they can familiarise them with the equipment they would use in the event of an emergency.

The event follows a day in the classroom learning about the theory of oil pollution clear up and how best to protect the environment after an incident.

The Ilfracombe Harbour Board Chairman, Councillor Ian Meadlarkin, says: “We have a statutory responsibility to ensure that North Devon Council maintain a tested Oil Pollution Response Plan and has a fully trained up team who stand ready to act quickly and efficiently if a pollution incident were to occur. By carrying out these exercises we can ensure that multi agency responses are more effectively co-ordinated when it happens for real”.

Ilfracombe Harbour Master, Rob Lawson says: “It is very important that we maintain a readiness to respond to any pollution incident on the North Devon coast and in particular at the harbour. I am very grateful to the team of volunteers for their enthusiasm and hard work during the training. However, I hope that I never have to call on them for real because it will mean that we have an environmentally damaging oil spill on our coastline.”

This training is refreshed every three years and includes working alongside partner organisations such as the RNLI and other specialist equipment providers.

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