Council remains committed to future theatre provision in North Devon

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Posted on: 25 January 2017

North Devon Council remains committed to retaining future theatre provision in North Devon.

It follows the shock news this week that the North Devon Theatres Trust (NDTT) has gone into administration.

Up until the end of November last year, the council was working on a proposal put forward by the NDTT for them to buy a 129 year lease for both the Queen’s and Landmark theatres for £565,000 without the need for public subsidy.

Council Leader Cllr Des Brailey says: “We are extremely disappointed to be in this position after spending lots of time working on the proposal from the trust to buy the theatres from us.

“Things have been moving really quickly and we are still digesting the situation. The administration process is ongoing and we must let this conclude so we are sure of the position before moving forward.

“What we can say though is that we are committed to theatre provision in North Devon and whilst the administration process is ongoing, we are looking at what options might be available in the future once the administration process is complete.”

An extraordinary council meeting has been called next week and the council wants to advise the public that although the huge outpouring of support for the theatres is warmly welcomed, this is a formal council meeting and there will be no opportunity for the public to speak. The meeting is held in public and people are welcome to attend but it isn’t the type of ‘public meeting’ some people might be expecting and the venue only holds 50 people.

2 comments on “Council remains committed to future theatre provision in North Devon

  1. Marko Burrows says:

    Personally I am amazed at the Council as their desire to dump a subsidy for the arts that actually attracted people to Barnstaple and Ilfracombe who spent real money in this community is risible, shortsighted and politically motivated.

    Then deciding to hold a meeting to discuss it in a venue that holds only 50 people so they don’t get roasted is sheer political cowardice.

    This council’s performance since the last election has been laughable and they all should consider their positions, do the decent thing and resign them!

    • Robert Elkin says:

      These failed theatres have had £3 million from North Devon council taxpayers over the past 6 years Not a penny more should be spent by North Devon Council on what amounts to subsidising the ticket prices for the minority who attend. If the protesters wish to save the theatres then they should be prepared to pay the price to cover the costs.

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