North Devon Theatres

Queen’s Theatre, Barnstaple

Posted on: 24 January 2017

We have been advised that the North Devon Theatres Trust has gone into administration. We are deeply saddened by this news and our thoughts go out to all the staff affected and to the people who have either bought tickets for future performances or use the theatres for clubs and groups. For more information on the administration process including ticket refunds, visit the administrator’s website. We are unable to make any further comment at the moment.

2 comments on “North Devon Theatres

  1. Jennifer Elizabeth Barker says:

    We are horrified to hear of the theatres’ closures and completely staggered that this should happen. The Queen’s Theatre has been the jewel in the crown of this area and has been an enormously great asset to the community. The trek down to Exeter or, even worse, Plymouth is not a pleasant experience, especially in the winter months. We so much hope an offer on the theatres can soon be made and bookings will once again flow.

    • Claire says:

      Hello Jennifer. All indications are that the theatres will be up and running again in April. We will post an update when we have some firm dates but it’s looking very positive.

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