More Coastal Community funding for North Devon

Posted on: 20 January 2017

More funding to boost the economies of coastal communities in North Devon has been announced today (Friday 20 January).

North Devon Council has been successful in two bids for funding from the government’s Coastal Communities Fund. As a result, Coastal Community teams for the ‘Tarka Trail’ and ‘North Devon Surfing Beaches’ will benefit from £10,000 to help local communities.

The Coastal Community Teams will be led by North Devon Council and made up of representatives from the public and private sectors, voluntary sector, landowners and businesses. Each team will develop an Economic Plan, which will set out practical steps to boost growth, jobs and tourism.

Executive Member for Regeneration, Councillor Pat Barker, says: “This is excellent news for north Devon tourism and the local economy. I look forward to continuing our work with partners in the Coastal Community Teams to promote the Tarka Trail Coast and our surfing beaches, which are both hugely important in terms of tourism and the local economy. As part of the bid we have already identified a number of projects and this funding will kick-start some of those schemes and allow us to develop our ideas further. The response from the surfing community in my ward was impressive and I am really looking forward to working up plans for the future development of some much-needed amenities for all water sports groups in this area.”

Executive Member for Environment, Councillor Rodney Cann, says: “The Tarka Trail is a tremendous asset for North Devon and I am particularly proud of how successful Fremington Quay has become. This funding should open up opportunities for small businesses along the length of the Trail. As a lifelong surfer, I’m also very excited that North Devon’s excellent surfing beaches will also benefit.”

Work will now continue to develop the Economic Plans for each area, which include:

  • North Devon Surfing Beaches – improving the surfing experience to encourage greater participation, whilst ensuring the beaches are safe and clear of litter. Improving access, beach facilities and education.
  • Tarka Trail Coast – improve links between the cycle path and the coastal path, increase visitor numbers by providing shelters, added attractions and business opportunities

Last year, Coastal Community Teams for Fremington, Ilfracombe, Barnstaple and Lynton & Lynmouth published Economic Plans following successful bids for Coastal Communities funding. Ilfracombe has a bid in for Coastal Community funding for the Watersports Centre, Fremington has two osprey poles with a webcam streaming live images to the café and architects have been appointed to work up proposals for a potter’s studio. Barnstaple now has a mini-masterplan being prepared for The Strand area, along with new lighting.

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