Plans to enhance Barnstaple’s waterfront move forward

Posted on: 6 December 2016

Plans to enhance The Strand in Barnstaple will proceed, following a meeting of North Devon Council’s Executive yesterday (Monday 5 December).

The council’s ambition for The Strand is to create a vibrant and busy leisure space, making the most of the waterfront and historic architecture. These ambitions are echoed in the Barnstaple Coastal Community Team’s Economic Plan, created following public consultation events in the town. To achieve this the council has agreed to offer an area of land on the eastern end of the Strand to a third party, to deliver better use of the area and promote a cafe culture.

The area of land, which was once a fish market, is on the bridge side of the Tea on the Taw cafe. Expressions of Interest will be sought to select a third party to deliver a scheme to enhance the area.

Executive Member for Economic Development, Councillor Pat Barker, says: “As the Anchorwood Bank development proceeds, there will be a shift of interest to the riverside and The Strand has real potential as a great place to eat, drink, relax and enjoy events in the town. We hope that by making some improvements to the look and feel of the Strand, and exploring ways of making better use of the fish market site next to Tea on the Taw, we can make it a more vibrant and attractive place for people to enjoy their leisure time.”

Meanwhile, the Queen Anne’s building (which was home to Barnstaple Heritage Centre) will be marketed in January 2017. The council hopes to find interest in the building as a cafe, restaurant or similar leisure use.

For more information about the enhancement of The Strand, email Read the Barnstaple Coastal Community Team’s economic plan for the town online.

2 comments on “Plans to enhance Barnstaple’s waterfront move forward

  1. Holly says:

    Thank you for your comments. I will pass them on to our Economic Development Team.

  2. Andrea & Denise Kirby says:

    The Strand really does need upgrading and developed as an important leisure area for the 21st century. The river frontage is desperately woeful, particularly on the other side of the bridge with the rather tatty grass verge filled with various rotting boats. We need a complete linked walk which stretches along both sides incorporating sitting areas, cafes, bars etc . This would be of benefit to the locals and also for the tourists.It is good to see the Queen Anne building is to be used for café, restaurant. ( please not a cheap high street pizza or burger bar) We would suggest that care is taken to ensure that the eating places are of quality. Barnstaple is sadly lacking really good quality restaurants, open ligh. Places where people can sit and enjoy the river views. We have too few outdoor al fresco eating terraces. Also can we suggest the buildings that look over the river are used only for leisure, cafes etc and not as some are now used. Can they not relocate in to the town???
    Barnstaple could be such a beautiful town and with its riverside location so much is neglected, run down and tatty. It needs a face lift.
    The High street is full of lovely old building, but many need a coat of paint, there are gutters and drain pipes that spill rain water out onto passers by, shops are allowed to let the outside become run down. why cannot the shops at Xmas be obliged to put up lighted trees.
    We know this is not to do with the Strand but the lights at Xmas are boring, dismal frankly awful. If Bideford can put on such a show why can’t we????
    Dull and grey is how many describe Barnstaple a little more enthusiasm and imagination is called for. We think back to the awful procedure last year that the occupants of Gammon Lane went through to get lighting at Xmas. Scrooge doesn’t come into it. For goodness sake Barnstaple lighten up and be more imaginative and do!!!

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