Tree works and tennis court improvements set to begin in Rock Park

Posted on: 5 December 2016

On Monday (12 December), contractors working on behalf of North Devon Council will start work to remove 14 Norway Maple trees next to the tennis courts in Rock Park, Barnstaple.

The trees were originally planted very close to one another to create a screen and work is now required to help with overcrowding and ensure the remaining trees can mature in a healthy manner.

The council will be planting 14 replacement trees in the park in February next year. Following this, there are also plans to resurface the tennis courts.

Executive Member responsible for parks, leisure and culture, Councillor Dick Jones, says: “We thinned out the number of trees in this area five years ago, to ensure the remaining trees could develop. This process now needs to be repeated as the trees have developed as far as they can without encroaching on one another.

“I’m delighted the council has also committed funds to improve the tennis courts in the park and we have taken the logical decision to remove the line of trees closest to the courts, to help the remaining trees develop, whilst reducing the risk of root damage to the new tennis surface.”

The project to resurface the tennis courts will begin in April 2017.

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