More tree work planned for Castle Mound

Castle Mound and Castle Green, Barnstaple

Posted on: 17 November 2016

Work continues this month on a project to manage the trees on Barnstaple’s Castle Mound.

Next week tree surgeons will begin pruning and removing a number of young trees and saplings, mainly on the Castle Green side of the mound.

The work is part of a programme of improvements to the ancient monument of a Norman castle to ensure that trees are not damaging its structure. Removing the trees will open views of the mound and create views out over the river and town.

Executive Member responsible for parks, leisure and culture, Councillor Dick Jones, says: “The improvements we have made so far at Castle Mound have made a big difference to its appearance and accessibility. These further works will continue to improve this important historical site and make it a safer and more friendly place to visit.”

The path leading up the mound will be taped off while the work is taking place. For more information contact the council’s Parks Team on 01271 388337 or send them an email.

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