Council will be calling to make sure you’re registered to vote

Posted on: 27 October 2016

Council officers will begin knocking on doors this week to remind North Devon residents they need to register to vote.

North Devon Council officers will be calling at households who have not returned their household enquiry forms, to confirm the details of every person who should be on the register of electors.

The register is a list of people who are eligible to vote in the North Devon area. This list is updated throughout the year to remove people who no longer live in the area or add people who have reached voting age or moved into North Devon. The list is a public document and you must ensure you are included on it. If your name is not included on the list you will not be able to vote at elections or referendums.

Electoral Services Manager, Judith Dark, said: “It’s vital that the register is kept up to date, because if your details aren’t correct, you won’t be able to vote in upcoming elections. We need to know if you change address, change your name or turn 18. Updating the register is also important as it’s used by credit reference agencies if you are applying for credit. Our officers will all be carrying ID and will be working mainly in the evenings and at weekends. If you’re at all worried, you can call us to check their identity.”

Door to door visits will be carried out throughout November. Always ask to see identification. If in doubt, call North Devon Council on 01271 327711 (or 01271 388240 out of hours) to check the identification.

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